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  • on reading:
  • ハイ
  • kun reading:
  • すたれる   すた
  • meaning(s):
  • abolish, obsolete, cessation, discarding, abandon
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かいはい change; reorganization
きゅうはい decay; dilapidation (ruin)
こうはい rise and fall (of nations); destiny
ぐんびてっぱい complete disarmament
こうしょうぜんぱい abolition of licensed prostitution
こうはい ruin
さんぱい industrial waste
ぜんぱい total abolition
ぞんぱい (whether to) continue or eliminate; existence
退 たいはい degeneration; decadence; deterioration; laxness; corruption
てっぱい through and through; thoroughly; from start to finish; abolition
すたり waste; wastage; waster
すたる to go out of use; to become obsolete; to die out; to go out of fashion
れた すたれた out of date; disused; obsolete
れた すたれたいえをおこす to restore a family to its former prosperity
れる すたれる to go out of use; to become obsolete; to die out; to go out of fashion
ガス はいガス waste gas
はいあん rejected bill (project)
はいい dethronement
はいえき waste liquid
はいえん neglected or abandoned garden
はいおく dilapidated house; deserted house
はいか deserted or ruined house; extinct family
はいかん ceasing to publish; discontinuance of publication
はいかん decommissioned warship
はいき annullment; disposal; abandon; scrap; discarding; repeal
はいきぶつ waste matter; waste; garbage; trash
はいきょ castle ruins
はいぎょう cessation of business; discontinuation of business
はいご obsolete word
はいこう abandoned mine; disused mine
はいこう abolition or closing of a school
はいごう abolition and amalgamation
はいざい scrap wood
はいざん abandoned mine
はいざん down-and-out; ruin; decline
はいし abolition; repeal
された はいしされた extinct
はいしつ disablement; disability
はいしつじょうけん disability clause
はいしゃ decommissioned vehicle; out of service vehicle
はいじょ (legal) exclusion or removal
はいじん cripple; disabled person; invalid
はいぜつ extinction; abolition
はいせん discontinued line
はいせん scrapped vessel
退 はいたい decay; decadence
はいちゃく disinheritance
はいてい dethroned emperor or king
はいねつ remaining heat; waste heat
はいはん abolition of the han system
はいはんちけん abolition of clans and establishment of prefectures
はいばん records out of production
はいひん waste; garbage
はいぶつきしゃく anti-Buddhist movement at the beginning of the Meiji era
はいぶつ scrap; junk; waste material
はいぶつりよう recycling
はいへい disabled soldier
はいめつ decay; ruination
はいようそ obsolescent
はいきょ ruins
はいたい decay; decadence
ろうはい superannuation
たいはい degeneration; decadence; deterioration; laxness; corruption