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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • うま   うま-   ま
  • meaning(s):
  • horse
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じゃじゃ じゃじゃうま restive horse; unmanageable woman, shrew, bitch
トロイの トロイのもくば Trojan horse
あいば favourite horse
あくうま wild horse; unmanageable horse
あくば wild horse; unmanageable horse
あくめ wild horse; unmanageable horse
あんば side horse; pommel horse
いば uncontrolled
ひきうま draft horse
ひきうま draft horse
げば dismounting
かば hippopotamus
にうま pack horse
かいてんもくば merry-go-round; carousel
かいば sea horse
とど Steller's sea lion
えうま votive picture (originally of horse)
えま votive picture (originally of horse)
けた ほしくさをつけたうま horse loaded with hay
かんば a sweating horse
西 かんさいば Kansai horse
きば horse-riding
きゅうば archery and horsemanship
ぎゅうば horses and cattle
きょうそうば racehorse
きょうそうば racehorse
けいば horse racing
けいばうま racehorse
きょくば circus; equestrian feats
からうま unburdened horse
ぐんば army horse
けいま knight (shogi)
あなうま dark horse (candidate)
けんば dog's and horses; one's humble self
あらうま wild or untamed horse
さんかんば winner of Japan's three main horse races
こうま pony
しまうま zebra
しゃば horses and vehicles
しゅめ equerry
たねうま studhorse; stallion; breeding horse
しゅっそうば horse entered in a race
しゅつば going on horseback; going in person; running for election
しゅんば swift horse
しゅんめ swift horse
駿 しゅんば swift horse
駿 しゅんめ swift horse
かちうま winning horse
こうま pony; colt
じょうば excellent horse
のりうま riding horse; saddle horse
じょうば riding horse; saddle horse
しんめ sacred horse
にんげんばんじさいおうがうま inscrutable are the ways of heaven; fortune is unpredictable and changeable
じんば men and horses
いきうま living horse
あおうま dark-colored horse with a lustrous coat
せめうま breaking in a horse
せんぐんばんば (having experienced) many battles
はやうま fast horse
痩せ やせうま scrawny horse
くさけいば local horse race
だば packhorse; workhorse; hack
たいこうば a rival horse or candidate
ちほうけいば municipally operated (horse-)racing
たけうま (walk on) stilts; bamboo horse
ちくば (walk on) stilts; bamboo horse
ちゅうおうけいば (horse)-racing operated by the Japan Racing Association
調 ちょうば horse training or breaking
はねうま vaulting horse
ちょうば long horse (for vaulting)
てんば flying horse; Pegasus
てんま post horse
うさぎうま donkey
あてうま stallion brought close to a mare to test her readiness to mate; stalking horse; spoiler
とうさいば yearling
とんま idiot; fool; dope
なんせんほくば constant travelling; being on the move; restless wandering
うま 1. horse; 2. promoted bishop (shogi)
うまがあう to get on well (with a person)
うまにのる to get on (mount) a horse
うまのあう to get along well with
うまのほね person of doubtful origin
うまのみみにねんぶつ not heeding what others say; in one ear and out the other
うまのあし minor or untalented actor (relegated to roles such as the legs of a stage horse)
える うまをひかえる to hold back a horse
やす うまをこやす to fatten a horse
うまや a stable
うままわり a daimyo's (mounted) guards or retainers
ばかく horsehide
ばきゃく give oneself away; reveal one's true colors
わす ばきゃくをあらわす to reveal the true nature
わす ばきゃくをあらわす to reveal the true nature
ばぐ harness
ばけん (horse racing) betting ticket
ばこう tilling with horses
まるく (Deutsche) mark
ばさし raw horsemeat dish
まご packhorse driver
うまいち horse market
ばじとうふう utter indifference; talking to the wall; praying to deaf ears
鹿 ばか fool; idiot; trivial matter; folly
鹿げた ばかげた absurd; foolish
鹿 ばかなことをする to do a silly thing
鹿 ばかに to a ridiculous extent; in a foolish way
鹿にする ばかにする to make fun of; to look down on; to make light of
鹿にならない ばかにならない something not insignificant; not to be sneezed at
鹿ない ばかにできない someone (something) not to be trifled with
鹿ななきゃらない ばかはしななきゃなおらない once a fool, always a fool
鹿 ばかもいちげい even a fool has one talent
鹿らしい ばからしい absurd
鹿 ばかをみる to feel like an idiot; to make a fool of yourself
鹿 ばかもの stupid person
鹿 ばかうけ great hit
鹿 ばかくさい absurd
鹿 ばかわらい horselaugh
鹿 ばかしょうじき honest to a fault; foolishly honest; naively honest
鹿 ばかさわぎ horseplay; fooling around
鹿 ばかていねい overly polite
鹿 ばかあたり great hit
鹿鹿しい ばかばかしい stupid
鹿 ばかづら foolish face; stupid look on one's face
鹿 ばかやろう idiot!
鹿 ばかぢから great physical power; animal strength
鹿 ばかばなし foolish talk
ばしゃ coach
うまぬし (race)horse owner
ばしゅ (race)horse owner
ばぬし (race)horse owner
ばしゅ neck of a horse
ばじゅつ horse-riding; horsemanship; equestrian art; dressage
うまごや stable
ばじょう horseback; riding
うまのり horseback riding
ばば (horse)riding ground
ばしょく heavy eating
ばしん horse's length
ばてい batman; footman
うまとび (game of) leapfrog
うまとび leapfrogging
うまおい loading a horse with passengers or baggage; driving a horse into a pen; katydid
ばてい horse's hooves
ばていけい horseshoe-shaped
まてがい razor clam
ばとう Hayagriva; Horsehead (tantric Buddhist deity)
ばとうかんのん Kannon image decorated with an ornament in the shape of a horse's head
ばにく horsemeat
うまばえ horse botfly
やし うまごやし (bur) clover
ばひつ horses
ばふん horse dung
まぐそ horse dung
うまがえし point along a (mountain) pass beyond which a horse cannot travel
うまかた packhorse driver
うまづら Black Scraper (fish)
ばりょう horse feed
ばりき horse-power; h.p.
ばれい humble term for refer to one's own age
ばそり horse-drawn sleigh
はくば white horse
はつば start (of a horse race)
ひば fat horse
つきうま bill collector for the night's entertainment; followers
つけうま bill collector for the night's entertainment; followers
つけうま bill collector for the night's entertainment; followers
へいば arms and cavalry; troops; war; military affairs
あばれうま restive horse; runaway
ほんば runaway horse; galloping horse
めいば fine or famous horse
ひんば mare
もくば wooden horse; rocking horse; horse used in gymnastics
やじうま curious onlookers; rubbernecks
のうま wild horse
やじうま curious onlookers; rubbernecks
駿 ゆうしゅんば fine horse
ゆうしょうば winning horse
ゆうりょうば thoroughbred horse
ゆうりょくば hopeful (promising or strong) candidate
よびば spare horse
はだかうま unsaddled horse
らくば falling from a horse
やぶさめ horseback archery
りゅうめ 1. splendid horse; 2. promoted bishop (shogi)
りゅうめ 1. splendid horse; 2. promoted bishop (shogi)
りょうば good horse
かんば bronco; unruly horse
かんば bronco; unruly horse
らば mule
ろば donkey