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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • やぶる   やぶれる
  • meaning(s):
  • rend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate
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かっぱ proclamation
かんぱ penetration; see through; fathom; reading another's thoughts
ききとっぱ crisis relief
げきは crushing
しょうは slight damage
そうは running (cover) the whole distance
だは break down; defeat; abolish
たいは serious damage; drubbing
ちゅうおうとっぱ central breakthrough
ちゅうは half damage
とうは crushing underfoot; travelling on foot
どうは declaration
どくは finish reading a book
とっぱ breaking through; breakthrough; penetration
なんぱ shipwreck
ける やぶける to get torn; to wear out; to be frustrated; to break
やぶり getting away from; escaping
やぶる to tear; to violate; to defeat; to smash; to destroy
れた やぶれたゆめ shattered dream
れる やぶれる to get torn; to wear out
われなべ a cracked pot
われもの fragile item; broken article
やぶれめ rent; tear; split
はか age 16 (girl); age 64 (man); puberty; deflowering
はかびょう hebephrenia (disorganized schizophrenia)
はおく tumbledown or dilapidated house
ばか fool; idiot; trivial matter; folly
はかい destruction
はかいかつどうぼうしほう (Japan's) Anti-Subversive Activities Act
はかいしゃ destroyer
はかいしゅぎ destructionism
はかいしゅぎしゃ destructionist
はかいてき destructive
はかいりょく destructive power or energy or force
はかい breaking a commandment (usually religious); offense against the Buddhist commandments
はかいそう depraved monk; sinful priest
はかく extraordinary; special
はがん giving a broad smile
はがんいっしょう smiling broadly
はき revocation; annulment; breaking (e.g. treaty)
はきょう broken mirror; marital separation; divorce
はきょく catastrophe; cataclysm
はごく jail-breaking
はさい crushing; smashing; cracking to pieces
はさいき crusher
はさいせい crushable; breakable
はさつおん affricative sound (ling)
はさん (personal) bankruptcy
はさんかんざいにん trustee or administrator in bankruptcy
はさんさいばんしょ bankruptcy court
はさんしゃ a bankrupt or insolvent person
はさんしんせい petition for bankruptcy
はさんせんこく adjudication of bankruptcy
はさんほう bankruptcy act or laws
はさん checking; figuring; doing again
はじゃ (Buddhist sense of) crushing evil
はじゃけんしょう (Buddhist sense of) crushing evil and spreading the truth
はしょうふう tetanus; lockjaw
われがね cracked bell; a resounding voice
はすい water breaking (during pregnancy)
はせん dotted line
はせん a shipwreck
はそん damage
はたん failure; bankruptcy
綻を はたんをきたす to be ruined; to fail; to go bankrupt
はだん cancellation; breaking off (one's engagement)
はちく breaking bamboo
はちゃめちゃ nonsense
調 はちょう out of tune; (poetic) broken meter
はてんこう unheard-of; unprecedented
はふ gable
われもの fragile item; broken article
はへん fragment; splinter; broken piece
はぼうほう (Japan's) Anti-Subversive Activities Act
はまゆみ (ceremonial) bow used to drive off evil; toy bow and arrow
はまや (ceremonial) arrow used to drive off evil
はめつ ruin; destruction; fall
われめ chasm; interstice; crevice; crack; split; rift; fissure
はもん excommunication; anathema
はやく breach of contract; breaking of word
ごろつき rogue
はりん immorality; incest
はれつ explosion; rupture; break off
はれつおん plosive sound (ling)
はれんち infamy
はれんちざい infamous crime or offense
はろう prison breaking; jailbreak
はき reversing (the original judgment)
はさい crushing; smashing; cracking to pieces
ばくは blast; explosion; blow up
はっぱ explosive blast; blasting
びょうは depicting thoroughly
れんぱ winning successively; defeating ones enemy in succession
ろんぱ defeating (winning) in an argument
しょうは completing a flight