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  • ひ   ほ-
  • meaning(s):
  • fire
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いんか catching fire
えんか rocket; beacon
とおび building fire at distance
したび burning low; waning; declining
fire; flame; blaze
ひがつく to catch fire; to provoke; to catch fire from; to be ignited
ける ひでとける to melt in the fire
える ひにたえる to be fireproof
たる ひにあたる to warm oneself at the fire
ひのけ heat of fire; trace of fire
ひのたま falling star; fireball
ひのみ fire tower
ひのみやぐら fire lookout; watchtower
ひのもと origin of fire
ひのくるま fiery chariot; extreme poverty
ひのて flames; blaze; fire
ひのばん night watch; fire watchman
ひのこ sparks
ける ひをかける to set fire
ひをとおす to cook; to heat
ほかげ firelight; shadows or forms moving in firelight
かえん flame; blaze
かえんびん Molotov cocktail
かえんほうしゃき flame thrower
かえん flame; blaze
ほや lamp chimney
ひおけ wooden brazier
ひかげん condition of fire
ひばな spark
ひぶた cover for gun barrel
ひぼし drying by fire
かき firearms; guns
かき fire
かきげんきん a warning of flammability
ひあし spreading of a fire
かきゅう emergency; urgency
ひだま falling star; fireball
かけい stake
ひもと origin of a fire
かこう firelight
かこう crater
ひぐち a burner; origin of a fire
かこうきゅう volcanic cone
かこうげん crater floor; crater basin
かこうげんこ crater lake
かこうこ crater lake
かこうへき crater wall
ひぜめ attacking with fire
かさい conflagration; fire
かさいけいほう fire alarm
かさいほけん fire insurance
かさいほうちき fire alarm (box)
かさいほうちき fire alarm (device)
かさいりゅう pyroclastic flow (type of volcanic eruption); stone wind
かさいりゅう pyroclastic flow (type of volcanic eruption); stone wind
ひざら fire grate; chafing dish; pipe bowl
かざん volcano
かざんばい volcanic ash
かざんかつどう volcanic activity
かざんがん volcanic rock; lava; igneous rock
かざんたい volcanic zone or belt
かざんだん volcanic projectiles
かざんとう volcanic island
かざんみゃく volcanic range or chain
かざんれき lapilli
かじ fire; conflagration
かじみまい a post-fire visit to express sympathy
かじば scene of a fire
かじばどろぼう looter at the scene of a fire
かじどろ looter at the scene of a fire
ひもち fire-holding qualities
かしゅ stoker
ひだね live coals (for firelighting); remains of fire
かしゅ strong drink
ひよけ protection against fire
かしょう burn; scald
やけど burn; scald
ひどこ fire bed; fire grate
ひけし extinguishing a fire; (Edo-period) fireman
し壷 ひけしつぼ charcoal extinguisher
し壺 ひけしつぼ charcoal extinguisher
ひけしつぼ charcoal extinguisher
ほてり a glow; heat
ほてる to feel hot; to flush; to burn
ひいろ the color of flames
かしょく eating cooked food
ひくいどり cassowary
ひふきだけ bamboo blowpipe used to stimulate a fire
ひみず (as discordant as) fire and water
かせい force of flames
かせいがん volcanic stone
かせい Mars (planet)
かせいじん Martian
かせいねん Martian year
ひぜめ torture by fire
ひさき flames; forefront of fire; flame tips
ほさき flames; forefront of fire; flame tips
かせん fire arrow
ひや fire arrow
かせん firing line
掻き ひかき a poker; fire iron used to rake ash
かそう cremation
かそうば crematory; crematorium
ひあし spreading of a fire
ひうちいし flint
ひうちいし flint
かたく burning house; this world of suffering
ひだるま body covered with flames
かちゅう in the fire; in the flames
ひばしら pillar of fire; blazing column
ひぶくれ a blister
ひともしごろ early evening; dusk
ひわたり walking over fire or burning coals
ひなわ a fuse
ひなわじゅう matchlock; arquebus
かなん fire calamity
ひいれ fire pan; heating; first lighting (of furnace)
かねつ heat
ひばし tongs
ひばち brazier
ひつけ arson; incendiary
ひつき kindling
きが ひつきがわるい be slow to kindle
ひつけ arson; incendiary
ひつけやく instigator; troublemaker
かふ fireman; stoker
ひもち length of time a fire burns
かほう artillery
かもく Tuesdays and Thursdays
かもくきん Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
かもくど Tue-Thurs-Sat
ひや fire arrow
かやく gunpowder; powder
かやくこ powder magazine
ひあそび playing with fire; playing with love
かよう Tuesday
かようび Tuesday
かりょく heating power; steam power
かりょくしえん fire support
かりょくしえんけいかく fire support plan
調 かりょくしえんちょうせいせん fire support coordination line
かりょくしえんぶたい fire support element
かりょくはつでん thermal power generation
かりょくはつでんしょ thermal power station i.e. using combustion
かろ furnace; boiler
炙り ひあぶり burning at the stake; burning to death
焙り ひあぶり burning at the stake; burning to death
ひのし an iron
こたつ table with heater; (orig) charcoal brazier in a floor well
こたつがけ cover for kotatsu
こたつぶとん cover for kotatsu
蜥蜴 ひとかげ salamander
はなび fireworks
かいか fire of mysterious or suspicious origin
おにび will-o'-the-wisp; jack-o'-lantern
きゅうか a sudden fire; a nearby fire
いさりび fire for luring fish at night
ぎょか fire for luring fish at night
つよび high flame or heat (in cooking)
ごうか hell fire
きんか fire in the neighborhood
ちかび fire in the neighborhood
けいか light of a firefly
ほたるび light of a firefly
むかえび welcoming fire for returning spirits
きつねび St. Elmo's fire; will-o'-the-wisp
またび warming one's crotch by standing over a hibachi
ごりんせいか Olympic Torch
ごじんか deified volcano or volcanic eruption
くちび fuse; spark plug; cause (of war); origin (of a quarrel)
かい むかいひ backfire (to defend against forest fires)
あんか bed warmer; foot warmer
ごうか world-destroying conflagration
のこりび embers
しかけはなび fireworks piece
じか a fire raging in one's own home
しぜんはっか spontaneous combustion
しっか accidental fire
かりび borrowing fire; borrowed fire
よわび simmering; low fire; gentle heating
たねび spark; ember; pilot light
しゅうちゅうほうか concentrated fire
じゅうじか crossfire
じゅうじほうか cross fire
じゅうか gunfire
しゅっか outbreak of fire
ぼや small fire
えた きえたひ dead fire
しょうか fire fighting; extinguishing a fire
じょうか passion (of love)
じょうか sacred fire
しんか sacred flame
すいか fire and water
エルモの せいエルモのひ St Elmo's fire
せいか sacred fire (torch)
せっか flint fire; flash
こった あかあかとおこったひ blazing fire
きりび Shinto fire-purification ceremony; flint sparks
せんか war
せんこうはなび toy fireworks
ねずみはなび pinwheel
おくりび ceremonial bonfire
うちあげはなび skyrocket (firework)
たいくうほうか anti-aircraft fire; flak
たいか fireproof
たいか large fire
すみび charcoal fire
じらいか (land) mine
ちゃっか ignited; kindled; catching (fire)
ちゅうび (cooking) a medium flame or fire
ちんか extinguished
てっか red-hot iron; gunfire; gambling; violent-tempered
てんか fire caused by lightning
てんぴ oven; (waffle) iron
てんか ignition; lighting; set fire to
でんこうせっか lightning speed
ともしび light
とうか lamplight
なんきんはなび firecracker
はっか firing; ignition
とびひ flying sparks; leaping flames
とびひ flying sparks; leaping flames
ふしんび fire under suspicious circumstances; arson
しらぬい phosphorescent light
しらぬひ phosphorescent light
つけび incendiarism
ふんか eruption
焚き たきび bonfire
たきび (open) fire
へいか fire caused by war
ほうか arson; set fire to
ほうか gunfire; fire
ぼうか fire prevention; fire fighting; fire proof
うずみび banked fire
むとうか without lights
もうか raging or roaring flames
かどび fire lit at a gate for funerals, weddings and Obon
のび burning off the fields
らいか flash of lightning; fire started by lightning
きた よくおきたひ blazing fire
りんか phosphorous light; ignis fatuus; will-o'-the-wisp
るいか catching fire; a spreading fire
れっか raging fire; conflagration
ろうか signal fire; beacon
きょか pine torch; torchlight; firebrand
のろし signal fire; rocket; beacon
ほうか signal fire; rocket; beacon
おきび blazing fire
けいか light of a firefly
ほたるび light of a firefly