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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • かわ
  • meaning(s):
  • river
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うんが canal; waterway
おうきゅうとか hasty crossing
こうが Yellow river (in China)
かわ river; stream
かわのみなもと fountainhead
かわがらす pale Pallas' dipper
かがん fish market; riverside; river bank
かし fish market; riverside; river bank
かわぎし fish market; riverside; river bank
かがんだんきゅう river terrace
かけい river system
かわはら dry river bed; river beach
かわら dry river bed; river beach
かわらこじき unflattering term for actors
かわらもの unflattering term for actors
かわらひわ Oriental greenfinch
かこう mouth of river; estuary
かわぐち mouth of river; estuary
かこうこう port at the mouth of a river
かこう river port
鹿 かじか singing frog
かしょう riverbed
かすい river water; stream
かせい clearing of the river water
かせん rivers
かせんこうじ riparian works
かせんしき (dry) riverbed
かせんじき (dry) riverbed
かてい river bed
かわぞこ river bed
かっぱ water demon; excellent swimmer
かっぱのかわながれ Even Homer sometimes nods
の屁 かっぱのへ a cinch
かっぱもかわながれ anyone can make a mistake
かっぱまき cucumber sushi wrapped in nori (seaweed)
かっぱまき cucumber sushi wrapped in nori (seaweed)
ふぐ puffer fish; blow fish; fugu; globefish; swellfish
ハノイ Hanoi
かなん Henan (province south of the Yellow River)
かば hippopotamus
かはん riverside
かほく north of the (Yellow) river
かわます brook trout
かりゅう stream
ぎんが Milky Way; galaxy
けっか river breaking through (its dikes)
ふるかわ old river
こうが Yangtze and Yellow rivers; large river
さんが mountains and rivers; natural surroundings
おおかわ river; stream
たいが river; stream
あまのかわ Milky Way
あまのがわ Milky Way
てんが the Milky Way
とか river crossing
ひょうが glacier
ぼうこひょうが foolhardy courage
こいかわ oceans of love