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  • うた   うた
  • meaning(s):
  • song, sing
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しい かなしいうた doleful song; sad song
あいか lament (song); elegy; dirge; sad song
あいしょうか (one's) favourite song
えいか poem; song; (Budd.) pilgrim's song
えんか enka; modern Japanese ballad
えんか troubadour
おうえんか rooters' song
うた song; poetry
うたいあう to sing responsively
うたいて singer
げる うたいあげる to sing at the top of one's voice; to express one's feelings fully in a poem
うたう to sing
うたのこころ spirit of a poem; true meaning of a poem
うたのみち art of tanka poetry
うたよみ tanka composer
うたかい poetry party or competition
うたかいはじめ annual New Year's poetry reading
かかく poetry style; poetry rules
かがく poetry; versification
かきょう mood of a poem; poet's mood when writing
かきょく melody; tune; song
かげき opera
かげきじょう opera house
うたぐち flute mouthpiece; poetic style
稿 かこう manuscript of poem
うたあわせ poetry contest
うたあわせ poetry contest
わせ うたあわせ poetry contest
うたがっせん singing matches
かし song lyrics; words of a song
かしゅ singer
かしゅう anthology; book of poetry
かしょ book of poems
かしょう song; singing
かしょうりょく one's skill as a singer
うたごころ poetic sentiment
かじん (Japanese) poet
かせい great poet
うたごえ singing voice
かせん great poet
かだい name of poem
うたざわ type of Japanese music
かだん poetry circles
かどう versification; tanka poetry
かひ tanka inscription
うたひめ songstress
かぶ singing and dancing
かぶき kabuki; Japanese classical drama
かぶきじゅうはちばん repertoire of 18 kabuki plays
かふう poetic style
うたまくら oft-repeated descriptive epithets in poetry
かよう song; ballad
かようきょく popular song
かるた (pt:) (n) playing cards (pt: carta)
かろん essay on tanka poetry
がか Song of Solomon
がいか victory song; victory
かくめいか revolutionary song
ざれうた comic song
ざれうた limerick; funny song; comic song
きょうか comic (satirical) tanka
ぐんか war song
もとうた original song
げんか singing
げんか singing and (string) music
こか old song; old poem
ふるうた old song; old poem
ごえいか song in praise of the Buddha
こうか school song
こうか loud singing
こっか national anthem
こくじんれいか Negro spiritual
いまよううた Heian poetry style
さっか writing songs or poems; poem
ぞうか miscellaneous poems
さんか song of praise; eulogy; paean
さんびか hymn; hymnal
さんか praise; admiration
さんびか hymn; hymnal
しめんそか be surrounded by enemies on all sides; be betrayed (forsaken) by everybody
こもりうた lullaby
しいか Japanese (& Chinese) poetry
しか Japanese (& Chinese) poetry
もちうた one's (song) repertoire
しゃか company song
しゅだいか theme song
しゅうか splendid tanka or waka
ふなうた sailor's song; boat song
いわいうた festive poem or song
しょうか singing; songs
こうた (from the Heian era onward) type of popular song, as opposed to courtly oouta
じょうか love song
った かみのとくをうたったうた poem in praise of God
かぞえうた counting song
せいか hymn; chant; sacred song
ふなうた sailor's song; chantey
せんか selection of poems; selected poems
くみうた medley of (Japanese) songs
ぞっか popular song; fold song; ditty; ballad
かえうた parody (of a song)
かえうた parody (of a song)
おおうた Heian period court song
やまとうた waka; tanka
たんか tanka; 31-syllable Japanese poem
じうた a (style of) folk song
ちゃつみうた tea-picking song
ちょうか elegy; dirge
ちょうか long epic song with shamisen accompaniment; type of waka
ながうた long epic song with shamisen accompaniment; type of waka
ちんこんきょくか (sung) requiem
たうえうた rice-planting song
からうた Chinese poem
とうか the old Kanto-area folk songs
わらべうた children's (folk) song
どうか moral poem
はくちょうのうた swan song
はんか tanka appendage to a long poem
ばんか elegy; funeral song
ひか elegy; dirge; mournful melody
はなうた humming
へんか ode in reply
ほうか loud singing
つむぎうた spinning song
ぼっか pastoral song or poem; a pastoral
めいか excellent or famous poem
挽き こびきうた sawyers song
はやりうた popular song
りゅうこうか popular song; hit song
りょうか dormitory song
るいか similar song
こいうた love song; love poem
こいか love song; love poem
れんか love song; love poem
れんが early Japanese poetry form; poetic dialogue
ろうどうか songs of labor
わか 31 syllable poem
わびうた sad song; singing in a lonesome tone
おうか glorification; eulogy; song of praise
さんか (song or hymn of) praise; paean
さんびか hymn; hymnal
ひなうた folk song
しょうか anthem; carol; hymn of praise