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  • on reading:
  • ニク
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • meat
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いんにく seal stamp pad
かにく flesh of fruit
ほしにく dried meat; pemmican
ぎゅうにく beef
ぎょにく fish meat
きんにく muscle; sinew
くにく dog flesh
くにく desperation measure
けいにく neck flesh
けいにく chicken meat
げいにく whale meat
けつにく flesh and blood
ももにく ground round; ham
くろにく black sealing ink; black stamp pad
こつにく one's own flesh and blood; blood relations; kinsmen
さくらにく horse meat
しにく dead flesh
しにく gums; tooth ridge
はにく gums; tooth ridge
しゅにく red ink pad
じゅうにく animal flesh
やきにく yakiniku (Japanese dish of fried meat); Korean barbecue
やきにく yakiniku (Japanese dish of fried meat); Korean barbecue
しょくにく meat (for consumption)
にんげんのにく human flesh
じんにく human flesh
せいにく raw or fresh meat
せいにく small goods; processed meat; good quality meat
せんにく fresh meat
たにく fleshiness
ふとりじし corpulent; fat; chubby
だいようにく meat substitute
ちゅうにく medium build; meat of medium quality
とりにく chicken meat
とにく rabbit meat
とうにく frozen meat
ぶたにく pork
にく meat
にくがつく to gain (put on) weight
にくのあつい thick
にくのめかたをはかる to weigh the meat
ジャガ にぐジャガ meat and potato stew
にくや butcher
にくが granulation
にっかい piece of meat; lump of meat
にくかい physical or sensual world
にっかん sexual feeling
にっかんてき sensual
にくがん naked eye
にくぎゅう beef cattle
にっけい cinnamon
にくぼそ lightfaced (type)
まめ blister; corn; clitoris
にくしつ fleshiness
にくしゅ sarcoma
にくじゅう meat soup; bouillon
にくいろ flesh-color
にくしょく meat diet
にくしょくじゅう carnivorous animal
にくしん blood relationship; blood relative
にくせい natural voice (without a microphone)
り庖 にくきりぼうちょう carving or butcher's knife
にくぶと boldface (type)
にくたい the body; the flesh
にくたいかんけい sexual relations
にくたいてき corporal
にくたいび physical beauty
にくたいろうどう manual or physical labor
にくたいろうどうしゃ manual laborer; manual labourer
にくだん human bullet
にくだんせん warfare in which soldiers fling themselves at the enemy
にくち stamp pad holder
にくてき physical; fleshly
にくなべ meat served in a pot
にくいれ ink-pad case
にくはく come close to; closing in upon; pressing hard (on the enemy); challenge
にくはく come close to; closing in upon; pressing hard (on the enemy); challenge
にくひつ one's own handwriting; autograph
にくづき strapping; buxom
きのよい にくづきのよい well-fleshed; well-padded; plump; fat
にくづけ fleshing out; modeling
にくへん piece (cut) of meat
にくようしゅ animal bred for its meat
にくよく lust; lusts of the flesh; animal passions; carnal desires
にくばなれ pulled or torn muscle
にくりょうり meat dish
にくるい (kinds of) meat
襦袢 にくじゅばん flesh-colored leotards
にくまん steamed meat bun
にくまんじゅう steamed meat bun
ばにく horsemeat
うすにく light red
挽き ひきにく minced (ground) meat
ひきにく minced (ground) meat
ひにく cynicism; sarcasm
ふにく tainted meat
なみにく meat of medium quality
ようとうくにく using a better name to sell inferior goods; crying wine and selling vinegar
ようにく mutton; lamb (meat)
れいにく cold meat
れいとにく flesh and spirit
れいにく body and soul
ぜいにく excess flesh; flab
ひにく round meat; ham