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  • ニ   ジ
  • kun reading:
  • ふた   ふたつ   ふたた
  • meaning(s):
  • two
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いちに the first and second; a few
しゃにむに desperately; recklessly; rush headlong
じゅうに 12; twelve
だいに second
ちゅうに second-year of junior high
(num) two
けた ふたけた two digits; double figures
ふたつ two
つながら ふたつながら both
ふたつあて two pieces of; two pieces each
ふたつずつ two pieces of; two pieces each
ふたつわり half; cutting in two
ふたつとも both
ふたつおき every third
つ乍ら ふたつながら both
ふたつへんじ immediate (happy) reply
ふたつまゆ double cocoon
ふたつめ one after next; second
にのまる outer citadel
にのく another word; answer
にのくがでぬ be a loss for words
にのつぎ secondary; subordinate
の膳 にのぜん side dish
にのあし hesitation
にのあしをふむ to hesitate; to think twice; to shy or flinch
にのまち inferior; second-rate
にのまい repeating the same failure
にのや second arrow
にい second place
にい first lieutenant (JSDF)
にいん the two houses of legislature
にいんせい bicameral system
にいんせいど bicameral system
におう the two guardian Deva kings
におうもん the temple gate of the Nio
にか divalent
にかしょ two parts
にかべんきょう studying two lessons
にかい twice
にかい second floor; upstairs
にかいや two storey house
にかいや two-story house
にかいだて two-storied building
にかいだて two-storied building
にかく binuclear
にわり 20%
にき two periods or terms
にきさく a semiannual crop; two crops per year
にきせい two-term system
にぎてき secondary
にぎてきに secondarily
にぐう the Two Ise Shrines
にきゅう second grade; second class; secondary
にぎょうち entertainment quarters (food and geisha)
にきょくか bipolarization
にきょくしんくうかん diode
ふたすじみち branch roads; crossroads
にくん two masters
えず にくんにつかえず to not serve two masters
にぐん second string players (sports)
ふたなり hermaphrodite
ふたけた two-digit number; "tens" column
ふたむすび two half hitches
にがつ February
ふたつき two months
ふたみ forked (road, river)
にけんだて duplex (house)
にげんてき dual
にげんほうそう broadcast in which participants speak from different stations
にげんほうていしき (mathematical) equation with two unknowns
にげんろん dualism
にげんし diatomic
にげんしぶんし diatomic molecule
にげんきん two-stringed koto
にごん double dealing; double tongue
ふたこと two words; repetition
ふたことめ the constant burden of some people's talk
ふたまた bifurcation; parting of the way
股膏 ふたまたこうやく double-dealing; timeserver
にこうたいせいろうどう two-shift work program
ふたくちめ pet expression
にこう second watch; 10 p.m. to midnight
にこうけいすう binomial coefficient
にこうしき binomial
にこうていり binomial theorem
にこうぶんぷ binomial distribution
にごう number two; concubine
さん にごうさん mistress; "No. 2"
にこくかん bilateral
にさ lieutenant colonel (JSDF)
にさん two or three
イオウ にさんかイオウ sulfur dioxide
ケイ にさんかケイそ silicon dioxide
にさんかたんそ carbon dioxide
にさんかちっそ nitrogen dioxide
にさんかいおう sulfur dioxide
にし private (JSDF)
ふたご twins; a twin
にし two out
にしご after two outs
にじ two characters; name
にじ secondary; subordinate
にじかい first after-party party; second party the same night
にじきおく secondary memory
にじげん two dimensions
にじてき secondary
にじほうていしき quadratic equation
ふたなぬか second week's memorial services
ふたなのか second week's memorial services
にしゃ two things; two persons
にしゃせんいつ alternative
にしゃせんいつほう completion test (one out of two choices)
にしゃたくいつ alternatively
ふたて two groups; two bands
にしゅ second-class (mail)
にしゅうかん fortnight; two weeks
にじゅう twenty
はたち 20 years old; 20th year
はたち 20 years old; 20th year
にじゅうよじかんせい around-the-clock system
にじゅうしせっき 24 divisions of the solar year; 24 terms used to denote the changing of the seasons
にじゅうよっか twenty-fourth day of the month
はたえ many-fold
にじっせいき twentieth century
にじゅうだい one's twenties
はつか twenty days; twentieth (day of the month)
はつかねずみ mouse
はつかだいこん the small garden radish
にじゅう double; two-fold; two layers
ふたえ double; two-fold; two layers
にじゅうかかくせい dual price system
にじゅうかぜい double taxation
にじゅうがいこう dual diplomacy
にじゅうあご double chin
にじゅうがま jacketed kettle; double boiler
にじゅうかんせつ double-jointed
にじゅうまる double circle
にじゅうばし Double Bridge at the Palace
にじゅうけつごう (chemical) double bond
にじゅうけっこん bigamy
にじゅうこくせき dual nationality
にじゅうさつえい double exposure
にじゅううつし double exposure
にじゅうしょう vocal duet
にじゅうやきつけ double printing
にじゅうしょうてん bifocal
にじゅうおり double-weight cloth
にじゅうしん doppelganger
にじゅうじんかく double personality
にじゅうせい double star
にじゅうせいかつ double life
にじゅうぜい double duty
にじゅうそう instrumental duo
にじゅうまど double window; storm window
にじゅうぞこ bottom; double sole
にじゅうていとう second mortgage
にじゅうどうとく double standard of morality
にじゅうひてい double negative
にじゅうぼいん diphthong
にじゅうもうけんほう double blind trial
にじゅうらせん double helix
にじゅうろしゅつ double exposure
じじょう squaring; multiplying (a number) by itself; second power
にじょう squaring; multiplying (a number) by itself; second power
にじょうこん square root
にしょく tow-color; dichromatic
にしょくずり two-color printing
にしょく two meals (a day)
にじき two meals (a day)
にしん postscript; PS
にしん duplicity; treachery; double-dealing
ふたごころ duplicity; treachery; double-dealing
ふたおや parents; both parents
にしんとう relation in the second degree
にしん binary
にっちもさっちも in no way
かない にっちもさっちもいかない be driven into a corner; have no way out
にしんほう binary number system
にしんぎ binary tree
ににん two persons; two people; pair; couple
ふたり two persons; two people; pair; couple
とも ふたりとも both (people)
ふたりとも both (people)
ふたりごろし double murder
ににんさんきゃく a three-legged race
ににんしょう second person
ににんまえ for two people; (work) of two; (meals) for two
ふたりまえ for two people; (work) of two; (meals) for two
ににんぐみ 1. twosome; duo; 2. pair (of criminals)
ふたりぐみ 1. twosome; duo; 2. pair (of criminals)
ふたりぶん two persons' portion
ふたりめ second person
ふたりづれ party of two
にせい second generation; two existences; the present and the future; junior; the second (king of the same name); American-born Japanese; foreigner of Japanese parentage
にせのちぎり marriage vows
にせのかため marriage vows
にせのやくそく marriage vows
にせいぶんけい binary system
にせんしき 2-wire-system
にそう sergeant first class (JSDF)
にそうしき two-part washing machine
にそう two-phase
にそくさんもん dirt cheap; very cheap
にそく two pairs
にそくのわらじ many irons in the fire
にそくさんもん dirt cheap; very cheap
にそくどうぶつ biped
にだいせいとうしゅぎ two-party system
にだいせいとうせい two-party system
ベッド にだんベッド bunk beds; double bunk
にだんみだし two-line heading
にだんがまえ keeping an alternative up one's sleeve; two-stage preparation
にちゃく runner-up; second (in a race)
にちょく lining out to second base
にちょっかく straight angle
につう two copies
ふたとおり duplicate pair; two kinds; two ways; twofold
にてんせんしゅ taking (score) the first two points of the game
にど two times; two degrees
にどがり getting two crops a year
にどざき second blooming
にどさんど again and again
にどてま double effort
にどでま double effort
にどぞい second wife
にどめ the second time
にとうりゅう school which teaches the techniques of fencing with a sword in each hand; person who likes both liquor and sweets
にとう second class
にとうぐんそう staff sergeant
にとうしょう second prize
にとうしん second-degree relative
にとうぶん bisection
にとうぶんせん bisector
にとうへい private (e-1)
にとうへんさんかくけい isosceles triangle
にとうへんさんかっけい isosceles triangle
にとうきん biceps
挽き にとうびき two-horse cart
にとうだて two-horse cart
ふたみち branch roads; forked roads; crossroads; two ways (of proceeding)
ふつか second day of the month; two days
ふつかよい hangover
ふつかよい hangover
にねんせい biennial; second-year university or high-school student (US); sophomore
にねんせいしょくぶつ biennial plant
にねんそう biennial plant
にねん two ideas
にばい double; twice; twofold
にびょうし double time
にはち sixteen
にばん second; number two; runner-up
にばんかり second crop; aftermath
にばんさく second crop
にばんぼし second star of the evening
煎じ にばんせんじ rehash
にばんせん platform no. 2; track 2
にばんていとう second mortgage
にばんめ second (in a series)
にひゃく two hundred; 200
にひゃくとおか 210th day from the beginning; the storm day
にひゃくはつか 220th day; end of the storm period
にぶ two parts; two copies; the second part
にぶきょうじゅ two-session system
にぶがっしょう two-part chorus; vocal duet
にぶがっそう instrumental duet; two-part ensemble
にぶさく two-part work
にぶじゅぎょう double (school) sessions
にふう forced out on second
にぶん halving; bisection
にぶおんぷ half note; minim
にぶんおんぷ half note; minim
にぶんほう dichotomy
にぶんぎ binary tree
ふたかた both people
にほんだて dual system; double standard
にほんざし two-sworded (samurai)
にほんぼう simpleton; henpecked husband; sniveler
にほんだて double feature (movie)
りゃんふぁんやく winning hand which redoubles the score
にまいがい bivalve
にまいごし (in sumo and judo) posture in which the legs are firmly planted
にまいおり folio
にまいじた double-dealing; duplicity; equivocation; double-tongued
にまいめ actor in a love scene
にもうさく two crops a year
ふため for a second time
ふたやく double role
によう methods
によう two flat things
ふたば bud; sprout
にらんせいそうせいじ fraternal twins
にりつはいはん antinomy; self-contradiction
にりゅう second-rate; inferior
にりゅうかたんそ carbon disulfide
にりん two wheels; two flowers
にりんしゃ two wheeled vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, etc)
にるい second base
にるいしゅ second baseman
にるいだ two-base hit; double
にれつ two rows; double file
にれんしき duplex
にれんじゅう double-barreled gun
にれんぱつ double-barreled gun
にろくじちゅう night and day; all the time
ふじ peerless; unparalleled
むに peerless; matchless
ゆいいつむに one and only; unique