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  • on reading:
  • ドク   トク
  • kun reading:
  • ひと
  • meaning(s):
  • single, alone, spontaneously, Germany
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こどく isolation; loneliness; solitude
西 せいどく West Germany
たんどく sole; independence; single; solo (flight)
ちゅうどく stationed in Germany
てんがいこどく a person without a single relative
とうどく East Germany
どいつ Germany
ひとり alone; unmarried
りっ ひとりっこ an only child
りで ひとりで alone; by oneself; voluntarily; spontaneously; automatically
りでに ひとりでに by itself; automatically; naturally
りぼっち ひとりぼっち alone; lonely; solitude
ひとりぎめ arbitrary decision; taking for granted
ひとりごと a soliloquy; a monologue; speaking to oneself
ひとりがってん rash assumption; hasty conclusion
ひとりがてん rash assumption; hasty conclusion
ひとりご an only child
ひとりしばい a one-man show
ひとりもの single (i.e. unmarried) person
まい ひとりずまい living alone
ひとりうらない divining one's own fortune
ひとりじめ monopoly
がり ひとりよがり complacent; self-satisfied; self-important; conceited
ひとりずもう futile and useless; single-person mimicking a wrestling match
ひとりてんか undisputed leader
ひとりぶたい having the stage to oneself; being peerless; monopolization
ひとりあるき walking unaided; going alone; standing on one's own
らし ひとりぐらし a single life; a solitary life; living alone
ひとりあそび playing alone
ひとりだち being independent
ひとりたび traveling alone
どいつ Germany
どくえい swimming alone; leaving others in one's wake
どくえい Germany and Britain; German-English
どくえん solo; solo performance
どくえんかい (holding of) a solo recital or performance
どくおう going on one's own or one's own way
どいつ Germany
どくがく self-study
こま a top
こまをまわす to spin a top
どくがん one-eyed
どっきょ solitude; solitary life
どっきょしつ cell (e.g. monk's)
どっきんほう the Antimonopoly Act
どくぎん vocal solo
どくご monologue; soliloquy
どっこう going alone; self-reliance
どくこく Germany
どくざ sitting alone
どくさい dictatorship; despotism
どくさいこっか dictatorship; despotism
どくさいしゃ dictator; despot
どくさいせいじ dictatorship; despotic government
どくさいてき dictatorial
どくじ original; peculiar; characteristic
どくじせい originality
どくしゃく drinking alone; solitary drinking
どくしゅう self-education
どくしゅう self-study; self-teaching
どくしゅうしょ self-study guide or book
どくしょう vocal solo
どくしん bachelorhood; single; unmarried; celibate
どくしんきぞく unmarried persons living affluently
どくしんしゃ unmarried person; bachelor; spinster
どくしんもの unmarried person; bachelor; spinster
どくしんせいかつ bachelor's life; life of a bachelor
どくしんりょう hostel for bachelors
どくせん monopoly
どくせんきぎょう monopoly business, enterprise
どくせんきんしほう antitrust law
どくせんしほん monopolistic capital
どくせんてき monopolistic
どくせんよく desire to monopolize
どくぜん self-righteousness; self-justified
どくぜんしゅぎ self-righteousness
どくぜんてき self-righteous
どくそう originality
どくそうせい ingenuity
どくそうせいにとむ ingenious
どくそうてき creative; original
どくそうりょく creative powers
どくそう a solo
どくそうかい a solo recital
どくそうしゃ soloist
どくそう running alone; doing things along that should be done with other
どくたん German spy
どくだんじょう field in which one acts unchallenged
どくだん one's own judgement; arbitrary
どくだんに arbitrarily
どくだんせんこう acting arbitrarily or on one's own authority
どくだんろん dogmatism
どくとく learning by oneself
どくとく peculiarity; uniqueness; characteristic
どくはく monologue; talking to oneself; soliloquy
どくふつ Germany and France; German-French
どくぶん German literature; German sentence
どくぼう single cell; isolation cell
どくぼうかんきん solitary confinement
ひとりまくら lonely in bed
どくりつ independence (e.g. Ind. Day); self-support
どくりつうんどう independence movement
どくりつきねんび Independence Day
どくりつけん right of or to independence
どくりつご an independent word
どくりつこく independent state or nation
どくりつさいさんせい a self-supporting accounting system
どくりつさい Independence Day celebration
どくりつじそん (spirit of) independence and self-respect
どくりつしん independent spirit
どくりつせい independence
どくりつせんげん Declaration of Independence
どくりつせんそう American Revolutionary War; War of Independence
どくりつどっぽ self-reliance; self-help
どくりつはん detachment
どくりつへんすう independent variable
どくりょく one's own effort
どくわ German-Japanese
どくわ talking to oneself; conducting a monologue
どくせんじょう field in which one acts unchallenged; unrivaled sphere of activity; one's monopoly
にちどく Japan and Germany; Japanese-German
はんどく anti-German
べいどく America and Germany; American-German
わどく Japanese-German (e.g. dictionary)
かんかこどく with no one upon whom to depend; utter loneliness