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  • on reading:
  • トク
  • kun reading:
  • る   
  • meaning(s):
  • gain, get, find, earn, acquire, can, may, able to, profit, advantage, benefit
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いっきょりょうとく killing two birds with one stone; serving two ends
いちじしょとく occasional income
いっとく one advantage; a merit
かぜいしょとく taxable income
えとく understanding; comprehension; grasp; perception; appreciation
がいかかくとく acquisition of foreign currency
かくとく acquisition; possession
かんとく (deep) realization or perception
きとく vested; already acquired
きゅうよしょとく earned income
きんろうしょとく earned income
みえ pose; posture
おめみえ an appearance; an audience
こくみんしょとく national income
ざつしょとく miscellaneous (sundry) incomes
じごうじとく paying for one's mistakes; getting one's just deserts; suffering the consequences (of one's own actions); reap what you sow
じとく self-acquisition; self-satisfaction; being paid back for one's deeds
とりえ merit; worth; gain; profit
とりどく merit; worth; gain; profit
しゅとく acquisition
しゅうとく reception; receiving
しゅうとく learning; acquisition
しゅうとく picking up; finding
しゅうとく learning; acquisition
しょとく income; earnings
じょうとしょとく capital gains
こころえ knowledge; information
しょうとく inherent
せいとく inherent
きりどく no retribution for a samurai killing a commoner
せっとく persuasion
そんとく loss and gain; advantage and disadvantage
たいとく mastery; knack; realization; experience; comprehension
おおみえ dramatic pose; grand gesture; grandstanding
ちとく comprehension; knowledge
ていしょとく low income
とく profit; gain; interest
する とくする to make a profit
になる とくになる to do (a person) good; to bring profit
うる to obtain; to acquire
える to get; to gain; to win
うるところがある to get benefit from
とくい pride; triumph; prosperity; one's strong point; one's forte; one's specialty; customer; client
がる とくいがる to be inflated with pride
とくいがお triumphant look
とくいげ proud; elated
とくいきゃく customer; client; one's customers
とくいさき favorite customer
とくいまんめん triumphant air
とくぎょうし specialty school graduate
とくさく profitable plan; good plan
とくしつ advantages and disadvantages; plus and minuses
えて forte; strong point
えてかって self-willed; (doing or saying things) to suit one's own convenience
とくしん consenting to; being convinced of; being satisfied; understanding
えたい nature; character
れない えたいのしれない strange; unfamiliar; mysterious; suspicious
とくてん score; points made; marks obtained; runs
とくてんけん scoring position, with runners on second and-or third base (baseball)
とくど becoming a (Buddhist) monk; entering Buddhist priesthood
とくどう attaining salvation
とくとく triumphantly; proudly
えがたい hard to get
とくひょう number of votes polled; poll votes
とくひょうすう number of votes obtained (polled)
とくひょうりつ percentage of votes
えもの specialized weapon or skill
とくぶん profit; share; winnings
どくとく learning by oneself
なっとく consent; assent; understanding; agreement; comprehension; grasp
かいどく a bargain
ふこころえ indiscretion; imprudence
ふとうりとく excessive profit
ふろうしょとく unearned income
ほうじんしょとく corporate income
めんぜいしょとく tax-free income
やくとく emoluments; perquisite
よとく emoluments; additional profits
よくとく selfishness; self-interest
りとく gain; profit; benefit; amplification
りょうとく double gain

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