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あか suborder; subfamily
いか medical science; medical department
いかしか medical and dental college
うりか Cucurbitaceae; gourd family
えいぶんか department of English literature
かせいか a home economics course
かていか home economics
department; section
する かする to inflict; to impose (a fine, etc.)
かがく science
かがくいん science institute
かがくぎじゅつ technology
かがくぎじゅつちょう Science and Technology Agency
かがくぎじゅつちょうちょうかん Director General of Science and Technology Agency
かがくざっし science magazine
かがくしそう scientific thought
かがくしゃ scientist
かがくちしき scientific knowledge
かがくてき scientific
かがくはくぶつかん science museum
かきょ (ancient) Chinese higher civil service examinations
かはく speech; words; one's lines; remarks
せりふ speech; words; one's lines; remarks
かめい family name; house name; family honour
かもく (school) subject; curriculum; course
かりょう minor fine
かほんか Gramineae
げか surgical department
がっか study subject; course of study
がんか ophthalmology
きかいか course in (of) mechanical engineering
きょうか subject; curriculum
きょうぶげか thoracic surgery
けいせいげか plastic surgery
けんきゅうか (post)graduate course
げんか severe punishment; rigorous measures
こうみんか civics
こうくうげか dental surgery; oral surgery
こうこうげか dental surgery; oral surgery
こうか engineering course
こうがくか engineering department
こうしゃとっか anti-aircraft artillery
こうとうか advanced course
こくぶんか department of Japanese literature
ざいか offense; crime; guilt; punishment
さんか obstetrics
さんふじんか maternity and gynecology department
しか dentistry
咽喉 じびいんこうか ear, nose and throat section
じびか otolaryngology
じっか practical course
しゃかいか social studies
じゅうか serious crime; heavy punishment
しょとうか elementary course
しょうか commercial course
しょうにか pediatrics
しんぞうげか heart surgery
しんけいか neurology
しんけいげか neurosurgery
せいけいげか orthopaedic surgery; plastic surgery
せいしんか psychiatry
せんか specialized course
せんこうか non-degree course for graduates
せんか elective course or subject
ぜんか previous conviction; criminal record; previous offense
ぜんか complete course
つるか Gruidae
てんか changing one's academic course
とうか passing the civil service examination
まめか pulse family
ないか internist clinic; internal medicine
ねこか cat family; Felidae
のうげか brain surgery
のうか agricultural course or department
はやぶさか Falconidae
尿 ひにょうきか urology
ひふか dermatology
ひしょか secretarial course
ひゃっか many objects (for study)
ふじんか gynecology
ふつうか infantry
ふつぶんか department of French literature
ぶんか department; section; branch; course; school
ぶんか 1. literary course; 2. the arts
へいか branch of the army
べっか special course; another course
ほうしゃせんか radiology department
ほうか law department or law school
ほんか regular course; this lesson
やせんとっか field artillery
よか preparatory course; preparatory department
よびか preparatory course
りか science
りこうか department of science and technology
こうもんか proctology clinic; proctology