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  • on reading:
  • ドウ
  • kun reading:
  • おな
  • meaning(s):
  • same, agree, equal
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いどう difference
いちどう all present; all concerned; all of us
かいどう assembly; meeting
きぎょうごうどう a trust
きょうどう cooperation; association; collaboration; joint
きょうどう cooperation; association; collaboration; joint
ごうどう combination; incorporation; union; amalgamation; fusion; congruence
こんどう confusion; mixing; merger
さんどう approval; endorsement
じゅんじょふどう unordered; random order
たいどう taking (someone) along
だいどう largely the same
どう the same; the said; ibid.
おないどし of the same age
おなじ same; identical; equal; uniform; equivalent; similar; common (origin); changeless
じく おなじく similarly; same (idea); same (name)
じよう おなじよう similarly
じる どうじる to agree
おなじどし same age
おなじように similarly
ずる どうずる to agree
どうい the same rank; the same digit
どういかく (mathematical) corresponding angles
どういげんそ isotope
どういたい isotope
どういいんかい the same committee
どうい agreement; consent; same meaning; same opinion; approval
どういぎ the same meaning
どういけん the same opinion
どういご synonym
どうい similarities and differences
どういつ identity; sameness; similarity; equality; fairness
どういつし class with; put on par with; regard in the same light as
どういつにん the same person
どういつじんぶつ the very same person
どうおん the same sound; one voice
どうおんいぎ having the same pronunciation but bearing different meanings
どうおんいぎご homonym
どうおんご homonym
どうか assimilation; absorption; adaptation
どうかさよう assimilation; metabolism; anabolism
どうか equivalent
どうけ the said family; the same family
どうかく the same rank; equality; apposition
どうがく the same school
どうがくねん same year in school
どうがく the same amount
どうかん agreement; same opinion; same feeling; sympathy; concurrence
どうき contemporary; corresponding period; synchronous; same period; same class
どうきはずれ synchronisation loss (in digital communications)
どうきしき synchronization
どうきしんごう synchronous idle (SYN)
どうきせい classmate; graduates in the same class
どうきつうしん synchronous communication
どうき same temperament; same turn of mind
どうぎ the same meaning
どうぎご synonym
どうきゅう the same grade; same class
どうきゅうせい classmate(s)
どうきょ living together
どうきょにん person living with the family
どうきょう same village; same town; same province
どうきょうじん person from the same province, town, village, etc.
どうぎょう same trade; same business
どうぎょうしゃ person in the same business; the profession; the trade
どうぎょうくみあい trade association; craft; guild
どうきょく the said bureau; the same bureau
どうくん kun homophone
どうけい isomorphism; same shape; same type; same pattern
どうけい isomorphism; same shape; same type; same pattern
どうけい matter for mutual congratulation
どうけい affiliated; akin
どうけいしょく similar color
どうけつ being buried in the same grave
どうげつ the same month
どうけん the same rights; equal rights
どうけん the same prefecture
どうげん the same origin
どうごはんぷく tautology
どうこう similar tastes
どうこうかい association of like-minded people
どうこうしゃ people of similar tastes
どうこういきょく equal workmanship but different style
である どうこういきょくである to be equally excellent in workmanship though difficult in style; to be practically the same
どうこう same school
どうぎょう fellow pilgrim; fellow practicer of austerities
どうこう accompanying; travelling together
どうこうしゃ fellow travellers
どうこく the same country; the same province; the said country
どうこくじん fellow countryman; compatriot; person from same province
どうこくみん fellow countrymen
どうこん same root; same origin
どうざ sitting together; the same theater; involvement; entanglement; implication
どうざ sitting together; the same theater; involvement; entanglement; implication
どうざい the same offense
どうし fellow; companion; comrade
どうしうち killing each other by mistake; internecine strife
どしうち killing each other by mistake; internecine strife
どうしうち killing each other by mistake; internecine strife
どしうち killing each other by mistake; internecine strife
どうし same city
どうし same mind; comrade; kindred soul
どうしかい association of kindred spirits
どうしてき companionable
どうし the said person; he; she; same person
どうし the same newspaper
どうし treating alike
どうし same magazine
どうじ the same event; no change (on the stock market)
どうじ the same character
どうじ simultaneous(ly); concurrent; same time; synchronous
どうじに coincident with; on the other hand; while
どうじせい simultaneity
どうじだい the same age; same period
どうじつうやく simultaneous interpretation
どうじろくおん simultaneous or synchronous recording
ケーブル どうじくケーブル coaxial cable
どうしつ the same room
どうしつ same quality; same nature; homogeneous
どうしつてき homogeneous
どうしゃ the same firm
どうしゃ taking the same car or train
どうしゅ same kind (race); homogeneousness
どうしゅどうぶん same race and same language
どうしゅるい the same kind
どうしゅみ the same interests
どうしゅう the same sect
どうしゅう shipmates; fellow passengers
宿 どうしゅく lodging in the same hotel
どうしょ the same place
どうしょ the same place; the same address; the said place
どうしょ the same book; the said book
どうしょう the above-mentioned elementary school
どうしょういむ cohabiting but living in different worlds
どうしょう the said ministry; the same ministry
どうじょう same as above; ditto; ibid.
どうじょう riding together; riding with
どうじょうしゃ fellow passenger
どうじょう sympathy; compassion; sympathize; pity; feel for
どうじょうしゃ sympathizer
どうじょうしん sympathy; compassion
どうじょうひょう sympathy vote
どうしょく the same occupation; the said occupation
どうしょく the same color
どうしん the same faith
どうしん concentricity; same mind; unanimity; policeman
どうしんえん concentric circles
どうじん literary group (coterie); same person; said person; clique; fraternity; kindred spirits; comrade; colleague
どうにん literary group (coterie); same person; said person; clique; fraternity; kindred spirits; comrade; colleague
どうじんざっし magazine of a society
どうじんしゅ racial identity; same race
どうじん universal benevolence
どうじんきょうかい Universalist Church
どうすう same number
どうぜい party; company
どうせい same name
どうせい same sex; homosexuality; homogeneity; congeniality
どうせいあい homosexual love
どうせいあいしゃ homosexual (person)
どうせい cohabitation; living together
どうせき sit with; be with
どうせつ the same opinion
どうせん the same ship; taking the same ship
どうせんのひと fellow voyager
どうぜん same as above; ditto; ibid.
どうぜん similar to; same; right; proper; just; natural
どうそ common ancestor
どうそたい allotrope
どうそう 1. (id) the said (cabinet) minister; 2. in-phase (component of a wave)
どうそう the same school
どうそうかい graduate's association; alumni meeting; class reunion
どうそうせい alumni; alumnus; schoolmate
どうぞく same family (race, tribe)
どうぞくかい family council; family company
どうぞくかいしゃ family corporation; affiliated concern
どうぞくがいしゃ family corporation; affiliated concern
どうそん same village; that village
どうたい as one flesh or body; simultaneously
どうたいに as one; together
どうだい the said university; Doshisha University
どうだん the same; ditto
どうち equivalence; equal value; equivalent
どうちせい equivalency; equivalancy property
どうち the same place; that place
どうちゃく arriving at the same moment
どうちょう the same town; that town
調 どうちょう sympathy; agree with; alignment; tuning
調 どうちょうしゃ fellow traveler; sympathizer
どうてい identification
どうていど same level; same extent
どうてん the same store; the same shop
どうてん deadlock; tie; draw
どうてんけっしょう play-off
どうとう the same political party
どうとう equality; equal; same rights; same rank
どうどう going with; accompanying
どうじつ the same day
どうねん that year; same year; same age
どうねんぱい persons of the same age
どうねんぱいのひと contemporary; person of the same age
どうは the same sect
どうはい fellows; comrade; colleague; one's equal
どうはん company; accompany; going with
どうはんしゃ companion
どうはん the same clan
どうひつ the same handwriting
どうびょう the same sickness
憐れむ どうびょうあいあわれむ Fellow sufferers pity each other
どうふぼ the same parents
どうふう enclosure (e.g. in a letter)
どうふく born of the same mother; kindred spirits
どうふくし litter
どうぶんぼ common denominator
どうぶん same script; same language
どうぶんつうたつ (Papal) encyclical
どうぶんどうしゅ same race and same script
どうぼし sisters of the same mother; uterine sisters
どうほう companions; fellows
どうぼう companions; fellows
どうほう brethren; brothers; fellow countrymen; fellowman; compatriot
どうぼう brethren; brothers; fellow countrymen; fellowman; compatriot
はらから brethren; brothers; fellow countrymen; fellowman; compatriot
どうほうあい brotherly love
どうほう the same country
どうぼう the same room; sharing a room; sharers of a room
どうみょう same name
どうめい same name
どうめいいじん namesake; person with the same name
どうめい alliance; union; league
どうめいきゅうこう student strike
どうめいぐん allied armies
どうめいこく ally (of another nation)
どうめいじょうやく treaty of alliance
どうめいたいぎょう go-slow strike
どうめいひぎょう strike
どうもん fellow student
どうや the same night; that night
どうやく colleague
どうゆう sharing the same concern
どうよう identical; equal to; same (kind); like
どうように identically; in the (exact) same way; similarly
どうりつ the same ratio or percentage
どうりゅう the same style; same school; common origin
どうりょ companion
どうりょう companion
どうりょう coworker; colleague; associate
どうりょう same amount
どうるい the same kind; accomplice
どうるいこう like terms; similar terms; same kind; same class
どうれつ same rank or file; company; attendance
じる どうれつにろんじる to consider (something) in the same bracket
どうろう working together
どうろうしゃ fellow worker
どうわきょういく social integration education; education to eliminate discrimination
どうきん sharing the bed
ふどう difference; diversity; irregularity; disorder
ふわらいどう following blindly; following suit without reflection
ふわらいどう following blindly
らいどう following blindly
るいどう similar; of the same type