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  • on reading:
  • トウ   ズ   ト
  • kun reading:
  • あたま   かしら   かぶり
  • meaning(s):
  • head, counter for large animals
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


データの データのせんとう beginning of data
いっとう a head (of cattle)
いんとう pharynx; pharyngeal
えきとう station
おんど workmen's songs; marching songs
かせぎがしら biggest earner
かいとう society president
がいとう in the street
かくだんとう nuclear warhead
葛饅 くずまんじゅう ball of bean paste coveed with a kudzu starch glaze
かんとう opening page of book
竿 かんとう top of a pole
かんとう crossroads; crucial point
がんとう shore; wharf
がんとう top of a massive rock
はたがしら leader; boss; upper part of a flag
きとう glans
きょとう leader; magnate; big head
きょうとう deputy head teacher; vice principal
かなづちあたま hard-headed; stubborn
けいとう cockscomb; name of flower
げんしだんとう atomic warhead
げんとう the field; the parade ground
げんとう gunwale
ごとう first part of a word
こうとう bald-headed
こうとう oral
こうとう larynx
ぎょうのせんとう beginning of line
ぎょうとう BOL; beginning of line
ざがしら leader of a troupe
ざとう blind man or masseur
さいづちあたま head like a hammer
ざんぎりあたま cropped head
しとう fingertip
ししがしら lion mask
しゃとう front of (the main building of) a shrine
であいがしら in passing another
であいがしら in passing another
しゅっせがしら most successful man
しゅっとう appearance; presence
しょとう beginning
こがしら head of an organizational section
しんとう heart; mind
じんとう the number of people; population
じんとう head of an army
いしあたま inflexible person
せっとう prefix
ぜっとう tip of the tongue; speech; way of talking
せんとう head; lead; vanguard; first
せんどう boatman
まえがしら fifth grade sumo wrestler
くみあいがしら group leader
くみがしら group leader
そうとう double-headed
たいとう rise of; appearance of
った にごったあたま vague head
こうとう bow deeply; kowtow
だんとう warhead
じとう lord of a manor
ちゅうとう capital of column
ていとう low bow
ていとう nailhead
てんとう shop front; counter; shop; over-the-counter (financial)
てんとう a tip
てんとう nodding
どまんじゅう burial mound
とうとう finally; at last; reaching a head
あたま head
かしら head
とう counter for large animals
から あたまから from the beginning
がおかしい あたまがおかしい insane
あたまがわるい slow; weak-headed
あたまがかたい thickheaded; obstinate; inflexible
ずがたかい be haughty; hold one's head high
あたまがいたい having a headache; racking one's brains
つきをする ずつきをする to butt heads
れる あたまにいれる to keep in mind
あたまにくる to get mad; to get pissed off; to get angry
あたまのするどいおとこ man of keen intelligence
あたまのさえ bright intelligence
あたまのいいこ bright (intelligent) child
げる あたまをさげる to bow one's head
あたまをかる to cut one's hair
かぶりをふる to shake one's head (in denial)
める あたまをいためる to be concerned about
ます あたまをなやます to rack one's brains
やす あたまをひやす to cool down one's anger
とうい head measurement
してさず あたまかくしてしりかくさず don't cover your head and leave your bottom exposed; you have to be careful not to expose your weak point while attempting to protect yourself
とういん alliteration
ずがい cranium; skull
ずがいこつ skull; cranium
とうがいこつ skull; cranium
とうかく distinguishing oneself; standing out; top of the head
わす とうかくをあらわす to distinguish oneself; to stand out
あたまわり sharing; capitation
あたまかぶ chief; leader
ずかんそくねつ keeping the head cool and feet warm
ずきん hood; kerchief
あたまきん down payment; deposit
かしらつかい puppeteer for the head
ふけ dandruff
とうこつ skull
かしらじ first letter(s); initial
とうじご acronym
とうどり (bank) president
ずおも heavy-headed; haughty
とうしょ above-mentioned (matter); superscription
かしらがき heading; head note
ずじょう overhead; high in sky
あたまかず number of persons; numerical strength; head count
とうすう number of persons; numerical strength; head count
とうせい head voice (singing)
とうそくるい cephalopod
あたまうち reaching a peak; reaching the limit
ずうち reaching a peak; reaching the limit
ずだぶくろ sack; carry-all bag
とうちゅう headnote
とうちゅう headnote
とうちょう top of the head; vertex (anat.); parietal
とうちょうこつ the parietal bone
とうちょうぶ calvaria; area at top of head; parietal
ずつう headache
ずつき butting heads
ずのう head; brains; intellect
ずのうりゅうしゅつ a brain drain
とうはつ hair (of head)
ける ずぬける to tower above; to stand out
とうひ scalp
とうぶ the head
かしらぶん boss; leader
かしらもじ initials; first letter of a word
とうもく chief; head; leader
とうりょう head; chief; boss
あたましらみ head louse; head lice
禿げ はげあたま bald head
にくまんじゅう steamed meat bun
にゅうとう (mammary) nipple; teat
にんいしゅっとう voluntarily appearing for police questioning
としがしら the oldest person; beginning of the year
ねんとう the oldest person; beginning of the year
ねんとう mind
なみがしら wave crest; whitecaps
はとう wave crest; whitecaps
ばとう Hayagriva; Horsehead (tantric Buddhist deity)
しらがあたま gray or silver haired
いた はちのひらいたあたま flat-crowned head
ばんとう (head) clerk
ひざがしら kneecap
ひっとう brush tip; first on a list
ふとう pier
へいしんていとう prostrating oneself; kowtowing; going down on one's knees
つかがしら pommel
ほうとう (rare) summit of a peak
ぼうずあたま close-cropped hair; shaven head
ぼうとう beginning; start; outset
ぼっとう immersing oneself
ちんとう bedside
もうとう not in the least
あみがしら net radical; amigashira
めがしら inner canthus; eyes
やかんあたま bald head
やかんあたま bald head
やかんあたま bald head
りゅうず watch stem
りょうとう double headed
ろとう roadside; wayside
ろとう rocky outcrop
わとう topic; subject
わんとう bay shore
へきとう outset
たいとう raising one's head; coming to power; becoming famous
いがぐりあたま close-cropped head
まんじゅう manjuu; steamed yeast bun with filling