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  • on reading:
  • トウ
  • kun reading:
  • べる   ほび
  • meaning(s):
  • overall, relationship, ruling, governing
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いっとう a lineage; a line; unification; all (of you)
うんてんけいとう (bus) route
おうとう royal line; royal descendants
ちゅうせきとう alluvial series
けいとう system; family line; geological formation; lineage; ancestry
けっとう lineage; pedigree; family line
こうとう the imperial line
じゅんかんけいとう circulatory system
せいとう legitimate; orthodox; traditional
そうとう president; generalissimo
ちゅうすうしんけいけいとう central nervous system
でんとう tradition; convention
でんきけいとう electrical system
べる すべる to control; to supervise
わせる すべあわせる to bring together; to unite
とういつ unity; consolidation; uniformity; unification; compatible
とういつけんかい collective view (opinion)
とういつせんせん united front
とういつちほうせんきょ nationwide local elections
とういつてき united; unified
とうかく apperception
とうかつ unification
とうかつぶちょう Executive Manager
とうかつ control; supervision
とうかつしゃ supervisor; controller
とうかん supervision; supervisor
とうけい statistics
ばらつき scattering; a scatter; dispersion
とうけいがく (the study of) statistics
とうけいてき statistical
とうけいねんかん statistical yearbook
とうけいひょう statistical table or chart
とうぎょ control
とうごがく study of syntax
とうごしひょう syntactic index
とうごてきなせいごうせい well-formedness
とうごはんちゅう syntactic category
とうごろん syntax
とうごう integration; unification; synthesis
とうごうか integration
とうごうさんぼうほんぶ Joint Chiefs of Staff
とうごうばくりょうかいぎ Joint Staff Council
とうじ rule; reign; government; governing
とうち rule; reign; government; governing
とうちけん sovereignty
とうちしゃ the ruler; sovereign
とうすい supreme command; high command
とうすいけん supreme command authority
とうせい regulation; control
とうせいけいざい controlled economy
とうせいせん phase line
とうせいひん controlled or regulated item
とうばく general staff headquarters
とうそつ command; lead; generalship; leadership
とうそつしゃ leader; commander
とうそつそくばくりろん government-binding theory
とうそつりろん government theory
とうそつりょく leadership; generalship
とうりつりょく leadership; generalship
とうりょう chief; leader

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