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  • on reading:
  • トウ
  • kun reading:
  • こたえる   こた
  • meaning(s):
  • solution, answer
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


ステップ ステップおうとう step response
いちもんいっとう answering question by question
おうとう reply; answer; response
おしもんどう dispute; heated questioning and answering
かいとう answer; solution
かいとう reply; answer
かくとう definite answer
ごとう mistaken answer or response
こうかいもんどう catechism
こうとう oral answer
くちへんとう talking back; retort
こうていおうとう acknowledge (ACK)
じもんじとう answering one's own question; wondering to oneself; soliloquizing
しつぎおうとう question and answer session
せいとう correct answer
ぜんもんどう Zen dialogue; Zen questions and answers
ぞうとう exchange of presents
そくとう immediate reply
ちょくとう emperor's reply; reply to the emperor
ちょくせつかいとう immediate, direct response
じきとう prompt answer; direct personal answer
ちょくとう prompt answer; direct personal answer
ちんとう absurd reply
こたえ answer; response
こたえ answer; response
える こたえる to answer; to reply
えを こたえをしぶる to be reluctant to answer; to hesitate to answer
こたえにくいしつもん awkward (difficult) question
とうあん examination paper; examination script
とうじ formal reply
とうしん report; reply; findings
とうしんしょ a report (of one's findings)
とうべん response; reply; answer; defence
とうべんしゃ respondent
とうれい return call or visit; return salute
ひていおうとう negative acknowledge (NAK)
ひっとう written response
ふくとう response; reply
へんとう reply
ほうとう reply to the throne
めいとう correct answer
めいとう definite answer
めいとう ridiculous answer; absurd response; boner
もんどう questions and answers; dialogue