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  • on reading:
  • デン   テン
  • kun reading:
  • つたわる   つたえる   つたう   つだう   つて
  • meaning(s):
  • transmit, go along, walk along, follow, report, communicate, legend, tradition
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あくせんでん false propaganda
いでん heredity; inherent
いっしそうでん transmission of a trade secret from father to a son
えきでん stagecoach; post horse
おくでん esoteric
かでん family history (tradition)
かいでん initiation into an art or discipline
がいでん supplementary biography; anecdote
かくせいいでん atavism
ぎゃくせんでん counterpropaganda
きょでん false rumor
けいでん sacred texts
けんでん widely talked about
ことづて declaration; hearsay
こじきでん commentary on Kojiki (Ancient Chronicles)
こでん legend; tradition
ごでん misinformation
くでん oral tradition; tradition; oral instruction
こうでん oral tradition; tradition; oral instruction
さいぼうしついでん cytoplasmic heredity
使 しとぎょうでん Acts of the Apostles
使 しとしょうでん apostolic succession
しでん history and biography; historical material
しでん instruction from a master
じこせんでん self publicity; advertising oneself
じじょでん autobiography
じてん rotation; turning
じでん autobiography
しょうでん biographical sketch
しょうでん detailed biography
ひとづて hearsay; message
すいこでん The Water Margin (classic of Chinese literature)
せいでん hereditary (estates)
せいでん authentic biography
せいでん (Catholic) tradition
せんでん propaganda; publicity
そうでん inheritance
ぞくでん popular belief or saying
じきでん direct transmission (of mysteries or skill); initiation
ていでん relay
つて intermediary; good offices; connections; someone to trust
てん legend; tradition; life; biography; comment; communication
いに づたいに along (the wall)
つたう to go along; to walk along; to follow
つたえ legend; tradition
える つたえる to convey; to report; to transmit; to communicate; to tell; to impart; to propagate; to teach; to bequeath
つたえきく to learn by hearsay
つたえばなし legend
って つたってのぼる to shin up; to climb up
わる つたわる to be handed down; to be introduced; to be transmitted; to be circulated; to go along; to walk along
でんおんき megaphone; speaking tube; sound box
でんか heirloom; trump card; last resort; family tradition
でんき romance (fiction)
でんきしょうせつ romance (fiction)
でんきてき legendary
でんき biography; life story
でんきさくしゃ biographer
でんきもの biographical writings
でんきぶんがく biographical literature
つてごと verbal message; rumor; word
でんごん verbal message; rumor; word
でんごんばん message board
つて introducer; go-between; intermediary; influence; connection; "pull"
でんじゅ initiation (into the arts)
でんじゅ initiation; instruction
でんしゅう learning
でんしょばと carrier pigeon; homing pigeon
でんしょう tradition
でんしょう transmission; hand down (information); legend; tradition; folklore
でんしょうじょじし oral epic
でんしょうぶんがく oral literature
でんせい transmission from generation to generation
でんせいかん speaking tube; voice pipe
でんせいき speaking tube
でんせつ tradition; legend; folklore
でんせん contagion
でんせんをふせぐ to prevent infection
でんせんせい contagiousness
でんせんどく virus; germ
でんせんびょう infectious disease; contagious disease; epidemic
でんせん run (in a stocking)
でんそう delivering a message to the emperor
でんそう transmission; communication; circulation; dissemination; diffusion; propagation; delivery
エラー でんそうエラー transmission error
ブロック でんそうブロックしゅうけつ end of transmission block (ETB)
でんそうしゅうりょう end of transmission (EOT)
でんそうせいぎょかくちょう datalink escape (DLE)
でんそうさき destination (of transmission)
でんそうそくど baud rate
でんそうろ line; transmission line; transmission path; transmission route; link
でんたつ transmission (e.g. news); communication; delivery
でんたつかんすう transfer function
でんたつとくせい transfer characteristic
でんたん leaflet
でんとう tradition; convention
でんとうしゅぎ traditionalism
でんとうしゅぎしゃ a traditionalist
でんとうてき traditional; conventional
でんどう transmission (of motive power); drive; gearing
でんどう conduction; transmission
でんどうせい conductivity
でんどうたい conductor; transmitter
でんどうど conductivity
でんどうりつ conductivity
でんどう proselytizing; evangelism; missionary work
でんどうし evangelist
でんどうしゃ evangelist; evangelistic worker
でんどうしゅうかい evangelistic meeting
でんどうせん missionary boat
でんぱ transmission; propagation; spread; circulation; diffusion; dissemination
てんま post horse
てんません large sculling boat
でんぱん transmission; propagation; spread
でんぴょう chit; sales slip; voucher
でんぶん hearsay; rumor; report
でんぼう teaching Buddhism; rough person; bullying; ostentatious bravado
でんぽう teaching Buddhism; rough person; bullying; ostentatious bravado
でんぼうはだ rough-and-tumble; bullying disposition
でんらい ancestral; hereditary; imported; transmitted; handed down
でんれい messenger; orderly; runner
でんれいしゃ herald; orderly; messenger
でんしょう tradition
はんせいいでん sex-linked inheritance
ひでん secret; mystery; secret formula
びゅうでん false report (rumor)
ひょうでん a critical biography
ぶゆうでん martial story
めんきょかいでん initiation into the secrets (of an art)
りっしでん success story
りゃくでん biographical sketch
れきでん tradition
れつでん series of biographies
れっせいいでん recessive heredity
かでん mistaken account; miscommunication