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  • on reading:
  • テン
  • kun reading:
  • みせ   たな
  • meaning(s):
  • store, shop
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チェーン チェーンてん chain store
ドレス ドレスてん dress store
いりょうひんてん clothing store
いんしょくてん restaurant; shops serving food and drink
うんそうてん shipping or forwarding agency
やたいみせ stall; stand
かめいてん participating store; participating merchant
かじつてん fruit store
かいそうてん shipping agent
かいそうてん shipping agent
かいてん (grand) opening of shop
かくてん each shop
かどみせ corner store
がっきてん store selling musical instruments
かっぽうてん restaurant
きてん your store or shop (respectful)
きっさてん coffee lounge
ごふくてん dry-goods store
こうむてん engineering firm; contractor
こうこくだいりてん advertising firm; advertising company
こっとうひんてん antique store; curio store
ざっかてん general (variety) store (shop)
してん branch store (office)
とけいてん watchmaker's
しゃしんきてん camera shop
かりだな rented shop
とりつぎてん agency; distributor
さかだな alcohol-selling shop
さかみせ alcohol-selling shop
さけてん alcohol-selling shop
しゅてん alcohol-selling shop
しゅっちょうてん branch store
でみせ food stand; branch store
しょてん bookshop
しょうてん shop; business firm
しょうてん my little shop
こうりてん retail store; retail shop
こうりてん retail store; retail shop
とこみせ booth or stall in front of a home
しょくひんてん grocery store
しょくりょうひんてん grocer; grocery store
しんぶんはんばいてん news dealer's shop; newsagent's shop
せいにくてん meat shop; butcher's shop
せんもんてん specialist shops
ぜんてん the whole store
そうほんてん head office
たてん another shop, store, or firm
だいりてん agent; agency
おおだな large store
さてん tea house
ちゃみせ tea house
つじみせ street stall
てん store; shop; establishment
みせ store; shop; establishment
がり みせのあがり income from a shop
みせをひらく to open a business
てんいん shop assistant; employee; clerk; salesperson
みせや store; shop
てんやもの take-out (food)
たなおろし taking inventory; fault finding
たなおろし stocktaking; inventory
みせびらき opening a store; starting a business
みせがまえ store's appearance
晒し たなざらし shopworn goods; dead stock; shelf warmer
みせじまい close up shop; stop business; go out of business
みせじまい close for the day; go out of business
たなこ tenant
たながり tenancy
てんしゅ shopkeeper
てんぜ shop policy
たなうけ tenant's surety
みせさき store front
てんちょう shop manager
たなちん house rent
てんとう shop front; counter; shop; over-the-counter (financial)
てんとうかぶ over-the-counter stock (financial)
てんとうさいけん over-the-counter bond (financial)
てんとうとりひき over-the-counter transaction (financial)
てんとうはんばい over-the-counter sales
てんない store interior
みせばん store tending; salesperson
てんぽ shop; store
とうてん this store
とうじきてん ceramic stores
どうてん the same store; the same shop
とくやくてん sole agent; chain store
ばいてん shop; stand
はんもんてん Panmunjon
はんばいだいりてん sales agent
はんばいてん store; shop
はんてん (Chinese) restaurant
ひゃっかてん (department) store(s)
ぶんてん branch store; branch of a firm
へいてん our shop; we
へいてん closing shop
ほうせきてん jewelry store
ほんてん head office
めいてん well-known store
めんぜいてん duty-free store
もぎてん refreshment booth
よみせ night shop; night fair
ゆうりょうてん store holding a special commendation (e.g. from the mayor)
ようひんてん shop which handles Western-style apparel and accessories
らいてん coming to the store
りはつてん barbershop
うらだな house in an alley; rear tenement; slums
りょこうだいりてん travel agent
りょうりてん restaurant
りょうはんてん volume seller
れんさてん chain store
ろてん street stall; stand; booth