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  • テン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • unfold, expand
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


けいざいはってん economic development
こじんてん one-man exhibition; one-man show
こてん personal exhibition
こしょてん exhibition of rare (old, antiquarian) books
しゅってん exhibit; display
しんてん expansion; extension
しんてん confidential
しんてん progress; development
てんかい develop; expansion (opposite of compression)
てんかいず (in mathematics) a development
てんかん exhibit
てんじ exhibition; display
てんじかい exhibition
てんじじょう exhibition hall (room, area)
てんじそくばいかい exhibition and sale (of paintings); display with the exhibits on sale
てんじひん exhibit; exhibition
てんじぶつ display items
てんせい malleability
てんぼ visiting a grave
てんぼう view; outlook; prospect
てんぼうしゃ observation car
てんぼうだい viewing platform
てんぼうとう conning tower
てんらん exhibition; show
てんらんかい exhibition
てんらんかいにだす to send to an exhibition
はってん development; growth
びじゅつてん art exhibition