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  • on reading:
  • テツ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • philosophy, clear
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いんてつ Indian philosophy
けんてつ wise man
じってつ Basho's Ten Disciples; Confucius' Ten Disciples
じゅってつ Basho's Ten Disciples; Confucius' Ten Disciples
せいてつ wise man
西 せいてつ western philosopher
せんてつ ancient wise men
ぜんてつ former men of wisdom and virtue
ちゅうてつ Chinese philosophy
てつがく philosophy
てつがくしよう Concise History of Philosophy
てつがくしゃ philosopher
てつがくしょ philosophy book
てつがくてき philosophical
てつじん wise man; philosopher; sage
てつり philosophic principles; philosophy
へんてつ unusual
めいてつ wisdom; sagacity; wise man