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  • on reading:
  • チョウ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • lengthen, counter for bows & stringed instruments, stretch, spread, put up (tent)
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いっちょう one pair (set) of clothes
かくちょう expansion; extension; enlargement; escape (ESC)
こといっちょう one koto (Japanese harp)
きんちょう tension; mental strain; nervousness
からしゅっちょう fictitious business trip
ぐんびかくちょう expansion of armaments
こちょう exaggeration
じこしゅちょう self-assertion
しゅちょう claim; request; insistence; assertion; advocacy; emphasis; contention; opinion; tenet
しゅっちょう official tour; business trip
じょけんかくちょう extension of women's rights
しんちょう expansion; extension; elongation; uncompression
はり stretch; post
めた はりつめた tense; high-strung
める はりつめる to strain; to stretch; to string up; to make tense; to cover over; to freeze over
はりあい competition; rivalry; something worth doing
はりあう to rival; to compete with
はりこみ stakeout
はりこむ to be on the lookout; to lie in wait
はりふだ poster; notice
はりこ papier mache
はりこのとら paper tiger
はりがみ paper patch; paper backing; poster
はりだし notice; poster; overhang
はりだす to put up a notice; to project; to jut out
らす はりめぐらす to stretch around
げる はりあげる to raise
はりきる to be in high spirits; to be full of vigor; to be enthusiastic; to be eager; to stretch to breaking point
える はりかえる to re-cover; to reupholster; to repaper
はりたおす to knock down
はりぬき papier-mache
はりばん lookout; watch
ばす はりとばす to knock down; to send flying
はりつく to cling (to)
ける はりつける to attach to a flat surface with glue; to paste; to stick; to affix
ける はりさける to burst (open); to break; to split
はる to stick; to paste; to put; to affix; to stretch; to spread; to strain; to stick out; to slap; to be expensive; to tighten
はりこ papier mache
ちょうほんにん ringleader; originator; perpetrator
ちょうりょく tension; tensile strength
でんそうせいぎょかくちょう datalink escape (DLE)
どちょう overswelling (of a blood vessel); squaring one's shoulders
とうちょう isotonic
なわばり roping off; stretching rope; demarcation
ひひょうじゅんかくちょう nonstandard extension
ぼうちょう expansion; swelling; increase; growth