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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • ね   あたい
  • meaning(s):
  • price, cost, value
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デフォールト デフォールトち default value
デフォルト デフォルトち default value
ベクトル ベクトルち vector value
やすね low price
やみね black-market price
ひきね reduced price
ひけね closing quotations
おろしね wholesale price
おろしね wholesale price
したね lowest price
かち value; worth; merit
かへいかち currency value
かけね inflated price; exaggeration
する かんすうてきにいぞんするあたい functionally dependent values
きしょうかち rare; very precious
きていち default value
きたいち the expectation value (statistics)
きていち control value; minimal required value
きょくげんち limit value
きょくしょうち minimum value
きょくだいち maximum value
きんじち approximate; approximation
けっとうち blood sugar level
たてね rates of exchange; official quotations; market
たてね official market quotations; exchange rates
もとね cost
いいね the asking price
よびね nominal price
こゆうち eigenvalue
たかね high price
きざみち increment; step value
さいしょうち minimum value; min
さいだいち maximum price
しいれね cost price
使 しようかち utility value
はじめね opening (stock-market) quotation
しじょうかち market value
さしね price limit
さしね limit (price)
しさんかち value of one's property (assets); property (asset) value
じっけんち test results
すてね priced dirt cheap
おわりね closing price
できね selling price
しょきち initial value
うわね higher price; price rise
じょうよかち surplus value
しんりち truth-value
すうち numerical value
ぜったいち absolute value
せんでんかち propaganda value
そうたいち relative value
そくち immediate
そくていち measured value
ぞくせいち property-value
たいおうち corresponding value
あたい value; price; cost; worth; merit
value; price; cost; worth; merit
ねがはる to be expensive
する あたいする to be worth; to deserve; to merit
ねやす cheapness
ねびき price reduction; discount
がり ねさがり price decline; a fall in price
ねさげ cut in price
ねはば price range or fluctuation
ちぐう being appreciated by one's employer; meeting (someone)
ねごろ reasonable price
ねふだ price tag (mark, label)
ねざや margin; spread (in prices)
ねあげ price hike; mark-up
がり ねあがり price advance; increase in value
ねあげ price hike; mark-up
ねがさ high-priced
ねがさかぶ high-priced stocks; blue-chip shares
もり ねづもり estimation; valuation
ねぎる to drive a bargain; to beat down the price; to haggle
ねまし price hike; mark-up
ねうち value; worth; price; dignity
ねだん price; cost
ける ねだんをたかくつける to put a high price on
ねだんひょう price list
ねだんづけ pricing at
ねぶみ appraisal; estimation; evaluation; setting prices
ねうごき price fluctuation
ねはば price range or fluctuation
ねくずれ price collapse
なかね medium or average price
なかね average price
潰し つぶしね scrap value
そこね bottom price
てんじょうね ceiling price
とうち equal value; equivalence
どうち equivalence; equal value; equivalent
かいね buying price; cost price
うりね selling price
はんね half price
つけね the bid; the offer
ふかかち added value; value added
へいきんち average value; mean value; mean; expectation
へんさち deviation value
へんきゃくち return value
むかち worthlessness
らくさつね contract price
りようかち utility value
よいね a good price
しきいち threshold