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  • on reading:
  • ダン
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • discuss, talk
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いさいめんだん details when I see you
えんだん marriage proposal; engagement
したそうだん preliminary consultation; arrangements
がだん discussions on art and painting
かいだん conversation; conference; discussion; interview
かいだん ghost story
かいきゅうだん reminiscences
かんだん pleasant talk; chat
かんだん quiet conversation; idle talk
きだん strange story
きゅうせんかいだん armistice conference
ごうだん tough negotiations
きんだん discussion about money; loan request
くしんだん account of the hardships one has encountered
くうだん gossip; chatter
ぐんだん war story
けいけんだん story of one's experiences
げいだん talk about art
げきだん talk on drama
げんだん strong protest; demand for an explanation; serious talk
ごじつだん sequel
こうだん rumour; gossip
こうだん story-telling
こうだん your lofty discourse
こんだん informal talk
ざだん conversation; discussion
ざつだん chatting; idle talk
さんしゃかいだん three-cornered conversation
しだん historical story
じだん settlement out of court
しゃちゅうだん informal talk given (as by a politician, etc.) aboard a train
しゅのうかいだん summit meeting; top-level conference
しゅのうかいだん leadership conference
じゅくだん careful consultation
しょうだん business discussion; negotiation
じょうだん jest; joke
せいだん talking politics; discussion of a law case
そうだん collection of stories
そうだん consultation; discussion
ぞくだん common talk; worldly conversation
たいけんだん story of one's experience
たいだん talk; dialogue; conversation
使 たいしきゅうかいだん ambassador-level conference
だんじこむ to have a talk with
だんぎ lecture
だんごう consultation
だんごうにゅうさつ prearranged bidding
だんしょう friendly chat
だんぱん negotiations
だんろん discussion
だんろんふうはつ spirited discussion
だんわ a talk; conversation
だんわしつ lounge
だんわひょうじこうぞうりろん discourse representation structure theory
ちょうじょうかいだん summit conference
ちょくせつかいだん direct discussion; direct talks
じかだん personal account (of); direct talks
じきだん personal account (of); direct talks
ちんだん funny story; anecdote; gossip
ていだん tripartite (three man) talk
ないだん private conversation
はだん cancellation; breaking off (one's engagement)
びだん moving or impressive tale
ひつだん communicating in writing
ほうだん free talk; irresponsible talk
ほうだん Buddhist sermon
ほうりつそうだん legal advice
ぼうけんだん tale of adventure
まんだん chat; desultory conversation
みつだん private or confidential or secret talk
めんだん interview
よびかいだん preliminary discussion
よだん digression; sequel (of a story)
ようだん business conversation
ようだん important talk
らいだん interview
わいだん indecent talk
きだん romantic story; colorful story; highly embellished story