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  • on reading:
  • タイ
  • kun reading:
  • す   し-   かし-
  • meaning(s):
  • lend
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しゃくたい loan; lending and borrowing
かし loan; lending
しボート かしボート hire boat
かしいしょう clothing or costumes for rent
かしこし overdraft
げる かしさげる to lend; to loan
かしきん loan
かしきんこ safety deposit box
かしもと financier; gambling boss
かしざしき brothel
かしじどうしゃ rental car
かししつ room for rent
かしかり lending and borrowing
かしぬし lender; creditor; landlord
かして lender
かしだし lending; loaning
かしだしきん money given as loan
かしだす to lend
かしせき meeting room for rent
かしきり reserved; reservation
かしきる to reserve; to charter
かしだおれ bad debt
かしばしゃ carriage for hire
かしうり selling on credit
かしつけ loan
ける かしつける to lend; to loan
かしべっそう vacation rental (property)
かしかた creditor; method of lending; credit side
かしほん books for loan
かしほんや rental library
かしりょう rent; loan charges
かす to lend
かしや house for rent
かしま room to let
かしきん loan
かしきんこ safe-deposit box
たいしゃく loan; debit and credit; lending and borrowing
たいしゃくたいしょうひょう balance sheet
かしぶり reluctance to lend
かしだし lending; loaning
かしきり reserved; reservation
かしちん rent; charges
かしてんぽ store for rent
かしだおれ irrecoverable debt
たいひ (student) loan
たいひせい student on a scholarship-loan
かしつけ loan
かしつけきん loan
かしつけしんたく loan trust
かしかた creditor; how to lend
かしほん books for loan
かしほんや rental library
たいよ loan; lending
ちんたい lease
てんたい subleasing