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  • on reading:
  • タイ   ダイ
  • kun reading:
  • ふくろ
  • meaning(s):
  • sack, bag, pouch
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おふくろ one's mother
ポリ ポリぶくろ polyethylene bag
レジ レジふくろ plastic disposable shopping bag
いもんぶくろ soldier's comfort bag
いぶくろ stomach
かわてぶくろ leather gloves
かわぶくろ leather bag
かんにんぶくろ one's store of patience
きゅうりょうぶくろ pay envelope
かなぶくろ moneybag
ほたるぶくろ bellflower
とぶくろ box (built-in) for containing shutters
おふくろ (one's own) mom or mother
がっさいぶくろ traveling bag
すなぶくろ sandbag; gizzard
かみぶくろ paper bag
てぶくろ glove
てさげぶくろ handbag; shopping bag
しゅうじんぶくろ vacuum cleaner bag
しゅうぎぶくろ special envelope for monetary gifts
じょうぶくろ envelope
しんげんぶくろ cloth bag
ねぶくろ sleeping bag
せいたい bag manufacturing
たび tabi; Japanese socks (with split toe)
ふくろ bag; sack
ふくろのくちをしぼる to close a bag tight by pulling the drawstring
ふくろとだな small cupboard on wall of tokonoma
ふくろみみ retentive memory
ふくろこうじ blind alley
ふくろこうじぶん garden-path sentences
ふくろおり double weaving
ふくろねずみ opossum
ふくろおび double-woven obi
叩き ふくろだたき beat someone up by ganging up on
綴じ ふくろとじ double-leaved
ふくろいり sacked; pouched
ふくろもの bags and purses
ふくろぬい French seam
ふくろあみ tunnel net
おおいりぶくろ bonus paid to employees on occasion of a full house
だんぶくろ large cloth sack; baggy trousers
ちえぶくろ the brain; one's brains
じかたび work tabi; split-toed heavy cloth shoes with rubber soles
じぶくろ cupboard on the floor
ちゃぶくろ teabag
じかたび work tabi; split-toed heavy cloth shoes with rubber soles
てんぶくろ storage space above closet
ずだぶくろ sack; carry-all bag
なんきんぶくろ gunny sack
匂い においぶくろ sachet
かいものぶくろ shopping bag
こおりぶくろ ice bag
ふたい cloth bag
ほてい pot-bellied god of good fortune
うきぶくろ swimming belt; swimming float; bladder; life buoy
うきぶくろ swimming belt; swimming float; bladder; life buoy
ふうたい packing
ふくぶくろ "lucky-dip" bag; a grab bag; a "mystery package" (containing a variety of articles supposedly worth more in total than the purchase price)
ほうきゅうぶくろ pay envelope
あさぶくろ jute bag
あみぶくろ string bag; net bag
ゆうたい mailbag
便 ゆうびんぶくろ mail bag
のしぶくろ paper bag for putting a present in

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