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  • on reading:
  • タイ   ツイ
  • kun reading:
  • あいて   こたえる   そろい   つれあい   ならぶ   むか
  • meaning(s):
  • vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare
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いっつい a pair (of screens or vases, etc.)
おうたい receiving; dealing with
こういっつい well-matched
こくたい Committee of the National Diet
さんぷくつい set of three
じこそうつい self dual (math)
しったい measure against unemployment
せいはんたい bipolar; polar; polarity; exactly opposite
ぜったい absolute; unconditional; absoluteness
そうたい reciprocity (math)
あいたい confrontation; facing; between ourselves; no third party; tete-a-tete
そうたい relative
たい ratio; versus; against; opposition
つい pair; couple; set
して たいして for; in regard to; per
する たいする to face; to confront; to oppose
する たいでしょうぶする to play a game on equal terms
になる ついになる to form a pair
スコア たいスコア tie score
たいあん counter-proposal; counter-suggestion
たいいほう counterpoint
たいおう interaction; correspondence; coping with; dealing with
たいおうさく a countermeasure
たいおうち corresponding value
たいおうばん corresponding version
たいおう pertaining to Europe
たいか compensation; equivalent value; a consideration
たいがい external; foreign
たいがいせいさく foreign policy
沿って たいがいせいさくにそって in line with the foreign policy
たいかく accusative case
たいかく diagonal
たいかくか diagonalisation (math)
たいかくせん diagonal (line)
たいがん opposite shore
たいがん meeting
たいぎご word's opposite
たいきょく (playing) a game of go, shogi or chess, etc.
たいきょくしゃ player of go
ついく couplet; antithesis
たいくう antiaircraft
ミサイル たいくうミサイル anti-aircraft missile
たいくうしゃげき anti-aircraft fire; shooting at an aircraft (from ground or ship)
たいくうほうか anti-aircraft fire; flak
たいぐう contraposition (math); married couple
たいぐう antithesis; pair
たいけつ confrontation; showdown
ついご pairing of (opposite) words; antonym
たいこう counter-; corresponding; face; opposite
たいこうしゃ car (running) on the opposite lane; oncoming car
たいこうしゃせん opposite lane
たいこう opposition; antagonism
たいこういしき (sense of) rivalry; competitiveness
たいこうさく a countermeasure
たいこうば a rival horse or candidate
たいこうぶたい opposing forces
たいこう pertaining to school
たいこうじあい inter-school match
たいざ sitting opposite
たいざ sitting opposite each other
たいさく counter-plan; counter-measure
たいし concerning China
たいしつ confrontation; cross-examination
たいしょ deal with; cope
たいしょう contrast; antithesis; comparison
たいしょうてき contrastive
たいしょう specific (e.g. antibody)
たいしょうりょうほう symptomatic therapy; makeshift solution
たいしょう symmetry
たいしょうじく an axis of symmetry
たいしょうせい symmetry (physics)
たいしょうてき symmetrical
たいしょう target; object (of worship, study, etc); subject (of taxation, etc)
になる たいしょうになる to be targeted (for)
たいしょうがい inhibit
たいしょうたい object
たいしょうはんい selected range
たいじょうほう counter-intelligence
たいしん confrontation
たいじん personal
たいじんかんけい personal relations
たいじんきょうふしょう anthropophobia
たいじん confrontation of armies
たいすう logarithm
たいすうかんすう a logarithmic function
たいすうひょう table of logarithms; log table(s)
たいせい opposing pairs (of leaves)
たいせいよう opposite leaves
たいせん waging war; competition
たいせんしゃ anti-tank
ミサイル たいせんしゃミサイル anti-tank missile
たいせんしゃかき anti-tank weapons
たいせんしゃほう antitank gun
たいせんせいせき win-loss records (between A and B)
たいせんすいかん antisubmarine
たいたいかんけい relations with Thailand
たいだんどうだん anti-ballistic (missile)
たいだん talk; dialogue; conversation
たいだんしゃ interlocutor
たいちこうげき ground attack; air raid
たいちそくど groundspeed
たいち opposing (a thing) to (another)
たいちゅうごくかんけい relations with China
たいちょうかく vertical angles; vertically opposite angles
たいてき confronting the enemy; hostilities
たいとう opposition; equivalence; correspondence
たいとう equivalent
たいない domestic; internal
たいにち staying in Japan; with Japan; with respect to Japan
たいにちかんじょう feeling (sentiment) toward Japan
たいひ contrast; comparison
たいぶつ pertaining to objects
たいべい pertaining to the USA
たいへん (geometrical) opposite side
たいめん interview; meeting
たいめんこうつう walking so that one faces oncoming traffic
たいやく original text with its translation printed side by side or on opposite page
たいりつ confrontation; opposition; antagonism
たいりゅう convection
たいりゅうけん troposphere
たいれん couplet; distich
たいろん arguing face to face
たいわ interactive; interaction; conversation; dialogue
たいわしき interactive
たいわしゃ interlocutor
たいわたい dialogue form
たいじ confronting; holding your own with
たいしょち the antipodes
たいせきち the antipodes
たいしょてき diametrically opposed; antipodal
だいはんたい strong opposition
てきたい hostility; antagonism; opposition
ねつでんつい thermocouple
はんたい opposition; resistance; antagonism; hostility; contrast; objection; dissension; reverse; opposite; vice versa