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  • on reading:
  • ソウ
  • kun reading:
  • おく
  • meaning(s):
  • escort, send
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シリアル シリアルでんそう serial transmission
テレビ テレビほうそう telecast
いそう transfer; transport; removal
うんそう shipping; marine transportation
えいせいほうそう satellite broadcasting
おうそう transferring (a convict to a different prison); escort
おんせいたじゅうほうそう multiplex broadcast or transmission
におくり consignment
かもつゆそう freight traffic (transportation); freightage; shipment
かいそう forwarding
かいそう forwarding
かんそう hearty send-off
きゅうそう dispatch
ぐんじゆそう military transport
ぐんほうそう military broadcast
げんそう sending or transporting cash
こうそう sending back or sending later
ごそう convoy
こうきょうほうそう public broadcasting (e.g. NHK, BBC)
こくさいほうそう international broadcast(ing)
さいそう re-send
さいほうそう rebroadcasting
じっきょうほうそう on-the-spot or live broadcast
しゃしんでんそう phototelegraphy
しょうぎょうほうそう commercial broadcast
じょうないほうそう (announcement over) the public address system (e.g. in stadium
ふりかえゆそう transfer (of passengers or freight)
しんやほうそう late-night (all-night) broadcasting
せいけんほうそう broadcast of political views
なまほうそう live broadcast
せいしがほうそう broadcasting of still pictures
ぜんこくほうそう national network broadcast
そうそう attendance at a funeral
おくり seeing off; sending off; funeral
おくりがな part of word written in kana
おくりび ceremonial bonfire
おくりむかえ seeing (or dropping) off, then later picking up or going to meet (the same person)
おくりあな perforations (e.g. in film)
おくりこむ to send in
おくりぬし sender (of a present)
おくりて sender
おくりだす to send out; to forward; to show (a person) out
おくりじょう an invoice
おくりさき forwarding address
ける おくりとどける to send to; to deliver; to escort (a person) home
ける おくりつける to send
おくりかえす to send back
り狼 おくりおおかみ "gentleman" who escorts a woman home, only to make a pass at her
おくる to send (a thing); to dispatch; to take or escort (a person somewhere); to see off (a person); to spend a period of time; to live a life
そうかん sending home; repatriation
そうきかん air pipe
そうきゅう throwing a ball
そうきん remittance; sending money
そうきんかわせ remittance bill
そうきんがく amount of remittance
そうきんうけとりにん remittee
そうきんこぎって cashier's cheque; demand draft
そうげい seeing off and meeting on return
そうけん sending the person accused to the prosecutor
稿 そうこう document transmission
そうじ farewell address
そうじゅ sending and receiving
そうじゅしん transceiver (send and receive)
そうしゅつ sending
そうしん transmission
そうしんき transmitter (device)
そうすい supply of water
そうすいかん water pipe; water main
そうせき transfer of legal domicile
そうそう (attending a) funeral
そうたつ conveyance; delivery; dispatch; serving (a summons)
そうち sending; forwarding
そうてい sending a book as a present
そうでん electric supply
そうでんせん power line
そうふ sending; forwarding; remitting
そうふさき addressee
そうふう ventilation
そうふうき ventilator
そうべつ farewell; send-off
そうべつかい farewell party
そうゆかん oil pipeline
そうりょう postage; carriage
そうりょうとも including postage
そうわ (telephonic) transmission
そうわき (telephone) transmitter; mouthpiece
たげんほうそう broadcast originating from multiple locations
たじゅうほうそう multiplex broadcast(ing)
たくそう consignment
たんぱほうそう short-wave broadcasting
ちゅうけいほうそう relay broadcasting
ちょうきょりゆそう long-distance transportation (transport, haulage)
ちょくそう direct delivery
ついそう sending an additional part later
ていおんゆそう refrigerated transport
ていそう forwarding
てつどうゆそう rail transport (transportation, transit); transport by rail
てんそう transfer; transmission; (telephone) call forwarding
でんそう transmission; communication; circulation; dissemination; diffusion; propagation; delivery
でんそう facsimile transmission
でんりょくゆそう electric power transmission
どうろゆそう road transport
にげんほうそう broadcast in which participants speak from different stations
はいそう delivery
はっそう sending; forwarding; shipping
はんそう convey; carry; transport
もじたじゅうほうそう teletext
べっそう separate mail; separate shipment
へんそう sending back; return to sender
ほうそう seeing an emperor off
ほうそう broadcast; broadcasting
ぼうがいほうそう radio jamming
みっそう sending in secret
みんかんほうそう commercial broadcasting
もくそう following with ones eyes; gazing after
ゆそう transport; transportation
ゆうせんほうそう cable broadcast
ゆうそう mailing
りくそう land transportation
りったいほうそう stereophonic broadcast
ろくおんほうそう transcribed broadcast