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  • on reading:
  • ソウ   ショウ
  • kun reading:
  • よそおう   よそお
  • meaning(s):
  • attire, dress, pretend, disguise, profess
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Stroke Order Diagram


いしょう clothing; costume; outfit; garment; dress
かそう disguise; masquerade; fancy dress; converted (cruiser)
かいそう remodelling; reorganization
がいそう building or car's exterior
かくぶそう nuclear arms
かわそう leather-bound; leather binding
ぎそう disguise; camouflage
ぎそう ceremonial equipment
ぎそう disguise; camouflage
ぐんそう soldier's equipment
けいそう instrumentation
けいそう lightweight equipment or dress
こうそう muzzle loading gun
こんれいいしょう wedding clothes
さいぶそう rearmament
じくそう mounting for a scroll
じっそう package; implementation; mounting; insertion (of equipment)
じょそう female clothing; wearing female clothing
しんそう redecoration; remodelling; refurbishment
しんくうほうそう vacuum packaging
せいそう uniform; full dress
せいそう be dressed up; wear rich clothes
ぜんそう muzzle loading
よそおい dress; outfit; equipment
よそおう to dress
そうか loading
そうぐ equipment; harness; fittings
そうこう armored
そうこうかいしゅうしゃ armored recovery vehicle
そうこうしゃ armoured vehicle
そうこうじんいんうんぱんしゃ armored personnel carrier
そうこうぶたい armored corps
そうしょく ornament
そうしょくおん (musical) grace note
そうしょくてき decorative
そうしょくひん ornament; decoration
そうしんぐ (personal) accessories (ornaments, outfit)
しょうぞく costume; personal appearance; interior decoration; landscaping; furniture
そうぞく costume; personal appearance; interior decoration; landscaping; furniture
そうだん loading (a firearm)
そうち equipment; installation; apparatus
そうちせいぎょ device control character (e.g. DC1)
そうちゃく equipping; installing; laying down
そうてい binding; format
そうてい binding (a book)
そうてん charge; load; fill
そうび equipment
そうやく (charging with) gunpowder
そうよう clothing
そうてい binding; format
かしいしょう clothing or costumes for rent
だんそう disguising oneself as a man
ちゃくそう putting on; fixing
とそう coating
とくそう specially equipped; customized
ないそう interior design; interior; upholstery
ひぶそう demilitarization
ひょうそう mounting
ぶそう arms; armament; armed
ぶたいいしょう (theatrical) costumes
ふくそう garments
へんそう disguise; masquerade
ほそう pavement; road surface
ほうそう packing; wrapping
みんぞくいしょう national costume; (in) native dress
ようそう Western clothing; Western binding
りゃくそう demitoilet; ordinary dress
りょそう travelling clothes; travelling outfit
れいそう formal dress
わそう dressed in kimono; Japanese clothing
ぎそう fitting-out of a ship; rigging; ship's outfit