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  • on reading:
  • ソウ
  • kun reading:
  • かなでる
  • meaning(s):
  • play music, speak to a ruler, complete
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


えんそう musical performance
がいそう report of an official's offence to the emperor
げんがくしじゅうそう string quartet
ごじゅうそう instrumental quintet
がっそう concert; ensemble
さんじゅうそう instrumental trio
さんぶがっそう instrumental trio
しじゅうそう instrumental quartet
じゅうそう instrumental ensemble
じょそう (musical) introduction
じょうそう report to the throne
すいそう playing wind instruments
なまえんそう live music or performance
せっそう rhythm
ぜんそう prelude; overture
する そうする to report to the Emperor; to play (musical instrument); to accomplish
でる かなでる to play (an instrument)
そうがく musical performance
そうきょく sonata
そうこう success; achievement; fruition
そうこう efficacy
そうしゃ instrumentalist; player
そうじょう report to the Emperor
そうせい petitioning the Emperor
そうもん reporting to the Emperor
そうほう playing (instrument); playing method; touch
そうめいきょく sonata
だんそう performance; playing on stringed instruments
じきそう direct report to the throne
つうそう playing an entire composition without break; continually playing (in the background of a melody)
でんそう delivering a message to the emperor
どくそう a solo
ないそう secret report to the emperor
にじゅうそう instrumental duo
にぶがっそう instrumental duet; two-part ensemble
ばんそう (musical) accompaniment
ふくそう report to the throne
れんそう performance by two or more musicians playing similar instruments
ろくじゅうそう instrumental sextet
帷幄 いあくじょうそう direct appeal to the throne by the military