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  • on reading:
  • ソウ   ショウ
  • kun reading:
  • つくる   はじめる   きず   けずしける
  • meaning(s):
  • genesis, wound, injury, hurt, start, originate
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かんつうじゅうそう piercing bullet wound
ふるきず old wound; scar; old unpleasant incident
じゅうそう gunshot wound
しょうそう wound; injury
きりきず cut; gash; incision
そう start; originate
める はじめる to start; to originate
そうあん original idea
そうあんしゃ originator; inventor
そうい original idea; originality
そうかがっかい Sokagakkai (lay organization)
そうかい grand opening
そうかん launching (e.g. newspaper); first issue
そうかんごう first issue
そうぎょう establishment
そうぎょうしゃ founder; promoter
そうぎょうひ initial expenses
そうけん establishment; foundation
そうけんきねんび foundation anniversary
そうけんしゃ founder
そうけん originality; creation; invention
そうこん scar
そうさく production; literary creation; work
そうさくか author; writer; novelist
そうさくけん rights of authorship
そうさくしゃ writer; novelist
そうさくてき creative
そうさくりょく creative power; genius; creative originality
そうし creation; founding; initiating
そうししゃ originator
そうしゅつ creation (e.g. work of art)
そうしょう wound
そうせい creation of world
そうせいき time of creation
そうせいき Genesis
そうせい invention; origination; discovery
そうせつ establishment; founding; organization
そうせつしゃ founder
そうぞう creation
そうぞうしゃ creator; Creator
そうぞうしゅ Creator
そうぞうぬし Creator
そうぞうせい creativity
そうぞうせつ creationism
そうぞうてき creative
そうぞうぶつ creature; creation
そうぞうりょく creative power
そうめん surface of a wound
そうりつ establishment; founding; organization
そうりつきねんび anniversary of the establishment of
そうりつしゃ founder; organizer
そうい wound; scar
そうそう beginning; inauguration
どくそう originality
もうかんじゅうそう lodged-bullet wound
もうかんじゅうそう lodged-bullet wound