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  • on reading:
  • アツ   エン   オウ
  • kun reading:
  • す   す   おさえる
  • meaning(s):
  • pressure, push, overwhelm, oppress, dominate
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


あねったいこうきあつ subtropical anticyclone
おし weight; pressing down; commanding presence; authority
へしあう to jostle; to push
へしこむ to push into
おしころす to crush to death; to stifle to death; to squeeze to death
おしいし stone weight
へしおる to smash; to break
へす to dent; to press; to push
する あっする to press; to oppress; to dominate; to overwhelm
あつえん rolling
あつえんき rolling machine
あつえんこうじょう rolling mill
あつえんこう rolled steel
あっかく sense of pressure
あっかん highlight; best part; masterpiece
あっこん impression
あっさい crushing
あっさいき grinder; crusher
あっさく pressure; compression
ポンプ あっさくポンプ compression pump
あっさくき compression; press
あっさくき compressor
あっさくくうき compressed air
あっさつ crushing to death
あっし crushing to death
あっしゅく compression; condensation; pressure
あっしゅくき compression
あっしゅくき compressor
あっしゅくくうき compressed air
あっしゅくこうりつ compression efficiency
あっしゅくさんそ compressed oxygen
あっしゅくせい compressibility
あっしゅくりつ compressibility
あっしゅつ pressing out
あっしょう complete victory
あっしん pressure sensation
あっせい oppression; tyranny; despotism
あっせいしゃ oppressor; tyrant
あっせいてき oppressive; despotic
あっせい power politics; political pressure; despotic administration
あっせつ pressure welding
あっちゃく crimp
あつぎ crimp
あっちゃくたんし crimp contact
あつぎたんし crimp contact
あっつうてん pressure point
あってん pressure point
あつでんき piezoelectricity
あつでんこうか piezoelectric effect
あっとう overwhelm; overpower; overwhelming
あっとうてき overwhelming
あっとうてきたすう overwhelming numbers
あつにゅう indentation
あっぱい exclusion
あっぱく pressure; coercion; oppression
あっぱくかん feeling of oppression
あっぱくせい compression
あっぱくほうたい pressure bandage
あっぷく overpower; subdue; keep down
あっぷく overpower; subdue; keep down
あつみつ consolidation
あつみつこうふくおうりょく consolidation yield stress
あつりょく stress; pressure
える あつりょくをくわえる to apply pressure to; to press
あつりょくがま pressure vessel
あつりょくけい manometer; pressure gauge
あつりょくだんたい pressure group; lobby
調 あつりょくちょうせいき pressure regulator
あつりょくなべ pressure cooker
あつりょくは pressure wave
あつりょくようき pressure vessel
あつろき filter press
あつろき filter press
いあつ coercion
いんかでんあつ applied voltage
おんたいていきあつ extratropical cyclone
かあつ increasing pressure
がいあつ external pressure
きあつ atmospheric pressure
きあつ steam pressure
きょうあつ pressure
きんあつ suppression
くうあつ air (pneumatic) pressure
けつあつ blood pressure
けんあつ measuring pressure
げんあつ decompression
こうそくあつ confining pressure
こうあつ high voltage; high pressure
こうきあつ high atmospheric pressure
こうけつあつ high blood pressure
こうでんあつ high voltage; high tension
さいていけつあつ minimal blood pressure
しあつ finger pressure massage or therapy
しゅうしゅくきけつあつ systolic blood pressure
じゅうあつ pressure
じょうさいあつ overburden stress
じょうきあつ steam pressure
しんとうあつ osmotic pressure
すいあつ water (hydraulic) pressure
せいあつ gaining total control (of people or counties); suppression; oppression; control; mastery; ascendancy; supremacy
せいすいあつ hydrostatic pressure
そくあつ lateral pressure
たいあつ pressure-resistant
たいきあつ atmospheric pressure
だんあつ oppression; suppression; pressure
ちんあつ suppression; subjugation
ていあつ low pressure; low voltage
ていきあつ low (atmospheric) pressure; cyclone; bad temper; tense situation
ていけつあつ low blood pressure
ていあつ constant pressure
でんあつ voltage
ないあつ internal pressure
ねったいていきあつ tropical cyclone
はいあつ back pressure
ひつあつ strength of a brushstroke
ふうあつ wind pressure
へんあつ transformation (of a current)
ぼうあつ violent suppression
ほんたいせいこうけつあつ essential hypertension
ゆあつ oil pressure; hydraulics
よあつ pressurization
よくあつ check; restraint; oppression; suppression