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  • on reading:
  • kun reading:
  • あらい   あら-
  • meaning(s):
  • coarse, rough, rugged
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せいそ fineness or coarseness; minuteness or roughness
あら defect; flaw; blemish; weak point
あらい coarse; rough
あらいさいく rough workmanship
あらいはだ rough skin
あらいあみ coarse net
ぎる そにすぎる to be too rough
そあく coarse; crude; inferior
そあくひん inferior goods
そいそしょく simple or frugal life
そか poor refreshments; (humble reference to) refreshments
あらたま unpolished and uncut gem
あらすじ outline; summary
あらがね ore
そこう crude ore
そこう crude steel
そこつ careless; thoughtless; rash; rude; at fault
そこつもの careless person; thoughtless person
あらけずり still in the process of being formed
そざつ coarse; rough; crude
そさん plain meal
あらに dish consisting of bony fish parts boiled in soy sauce
そしゅ low-grade sake; (humble reference to) sake
そしょく simple diet; poor food
そせい crude construction or manufacture
そせいひん inferior goods
そせいらんぞう mass production of inferior goods
そせいらんぞう mass production of inferior goods
あらあら roughly
そそう carelessness; careless mistake; blunder
あらづくり rough-hewn; rough work
そだい coarse or rough
ごみ そだいごみ oversize garbage; bulky rubbish
あらさがし finding fault; being picky
そちゃ (low-grade) tea
あらぬり first or rough coat
あらと rough grindstone
そとう raw or unrefined sugar
そどう black copper
あらなわ straw rope
播き あらまき sparse sowing (seeding)
そはん poor meal
あらかわ bark; husk; untanned pelt
そしな little gift; low-grade goods
そひん little gift; low-grade goods
そふ coarse cloth
そふく plain clothing
あらかべ rough-coated wall
そほう rough; careless
そほうのうぎょう extensive agriculture
あらかた mostly; almost
そぼう wild; rude; violent; hard
そまつ crude; rough; plain; humble
なお そまつなおさい poor side dish
そまつにあつかう to handle (a thing) roughly
そみつ coarseness and fineness; sparse or dense (growth)
あらき logs in bark; rough wood
ざらめ granulated sugar; brown sugar
ざらめゆき corn or granular snow
ざらめとう granulated sugar
そや rustic; rude; vulgar; rough
あらり gross profit
あらりえき gross profit
あらりつ gross profit margin
そりゃく coarse; crude; rough
そろう carelessness
そだ brushwood; twig
そほん crude