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  • ancestor, pioneer, founder
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いがくのそ founder of medical science
えんそ forefathers; remote ancestors
かいそ (sect) founder; apostle; originator; inventor
きょうそ founder of a religious sect
がんそ originator; founder; pioneer; inventor
こうそ (divine, historical or legendary) founder of an empire
こうそ founder of dynasty or sect
しそ founder; originator; pioneer
しゅうそ sect founder
じんそ progenitor
さきつおや ancestor
さきのおや ancestor
せんぞ ancestor
そけい prototype
そご a parent language
そこく fatherland; native country
そこくあい patriotism
そこくふっき returning to one's fatherland
そし founder of a sect
そそう ancestors
そじゅつ exposition (propagation) of one's master's teachings or doctrines
そせん ancestor
そせんのれいをまつる to perform religious services for the departed souls of one's ancestors
そせんすうはい ancestor worship
そせんでんらい hereditary
そびょう mausoleum containing the remains of one's ancestors
そふ grandfather
そふぼ grandparents
そぼ grandmother
たいそ founder; progenitor; emperor
ちゅうこうのそ ancestor who rejuvenated a dynasty or a family
てんそ the ancestral Sun Goddess
あまつみおや imperial ancestor
どうそ common ancestor
びそ founder; originator; introducer
ふそ ancestors
ぶっそ Founder of Buddhism