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  • on reading:
  • オウ   ヨウ
  • kun reading:
  • あたる   まさに   こたえる
  • meaning(s):
  • apply, answer, yes, OK, reply, accept
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


いちおう once; tentatively; in outline; for the time being
いんせいはんのう negative reaction (in patient)
える こたえる to respond; to answer; to strike home; to take its toll; to reward
じて おうじて in proportion to; according to; depending on
じる おうじる to respond; to satisfy; to accept; to comply with; to apply for
ずる おうずる to answer; to respond; to meet; to satisfy; to accept
える おうとこたえる to say yes
おうえん aid; assistance; help; reinforcement; rooting; barracking; support; cheering
おうえんえんぜつ campaign (vote-getting) speech (for a candidate)
おうえんか rooters' song
おうえんだん cheering party
おうえんだんちょう cheerleader
おうきゅう emergency
おうきゅうこうげき hasty attack
おうきゅうさく emergency or temporary measure
おうきゅうてあて first aid (treatment)
おうきゅうてあてをほどこす to give (a person) first aid
おうきゅうしゅうり temporary repairs
おうきゅうとか hasty crossing
おうしゅ (primarily in shogi or go) response; countermeasure
おうじゅ responding to demand
おうしゅう reply
おうしょう being called to the colours (mil)
おうしょうしゃ draftee
おうしょうへい a conscript or draftee
おうにんのらん Onin War (1467-1477)
おうせつ reception
セット おうせつセット lounge suite
おうせつま reception room
おうせつかかり receptionist; desk clerk
おうせつがかり receptionist; desk clerk
おうせつしつ reception office
おうせん accepting a challenge; returning fire
おうそ countersuit
おうたい receiving; dealing with
おうだく consent; compliance
おうとう reply; answer; response
おうとうのう competence
おうぶん according to one's abilities; appropriate; reasonable
おうへん appropriate (urgent) response; expediency
おうぼ subscription; application
おうぼしきん subscribed capital
おうぼしゃ applicant
おうぼようし application form
おうほう retribution
おうよう application; put to practical use
おうようかがく applied science
おうようしんりがく applied psychology
おうようすうがく applied mathematics
おうようぶつりがく applied physics
おうようもんだい application problem; exercises
おうようりょく application
おうりょく stress
おうりょくけいろ stress path
かがくはんのう chemical reaction
かぎゃくはんのう reversible reaction
かくはんのう nuclear reaction
かんのう inspiration; divine response; sympathy; induction
きょぜつはんのう rejection
きょひはんのう rejection
きょうおう treat; feast; banquet
きょうおう entertainment; treat; feast; banquet
こおう hailing each other; acting in concert
こうかがくはんのう photochemical reaction
さくおう in collusion with
さんかかんげんはんのう an oxidation-reduction reaction
さんせいはんのう acid reaction
じゅんのう adaptation; sympathy
しょうおう correspondence; being in accordance with; anaphora
しんいんせいはんのう psychogenic reaction
しんいんはんのう psychogenic reaction
せいかつはんのう vital reaction
せいたいはんのう reaction of a living body
そはんのう elementary reaction
そうおう suitability; fitness
そくおう compliance; conformance; adaptation
たいおう interaction; correspondence; coping with; dealing with
てきおう adaptation; accommodation; conformity
ないおう secret understanding; collusion; betrayal
ねつかくはんのう thermonuclear reaction
はんのう reaction; response
いやおう answer respectively agreement or disagreement
ひたいおう incompatible; unsupported
ふそうおう unsuited; inappropriate; improper; undeserved
ぶんそうおう within one's means
めんえきはんのう immunoreaction
ゆうりきはんのう reaction of free radicals
ようせいはんのう positive reaction
れんさはんのう chain reaction