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  • on reading:
  • ゼン   ネン
  • kun reading:
  • しか   しかり   しかし   さ
  • meaning(s):
  • sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


あぜん dumbfounded
えんぜん as if
あんぜん discouraged; disappointed; astonished
いぜん still; as yet
いちもくりょうぜん apparent; obvious; very clear
いんぜん latent power; secret; reality
えんぜん charming
かぜん as was expected
がぜん suddenly; all of a sudden; abruptly
かくぜん distinct; clear-cut
がいぜん with indignation or steadfastness
かくぜん clear; distinct
かくぜん definite; positive
かんぜん boldly
かんぜん being liable to criticism
きぜん fortitude; firmness; resolution
きゅうたいいぜん remain unchanged (from the old state of things); none the better for the change (if at all)
きょぜん being calm or at rest; having nothing to do
きんぜん joyfulness
ぐうぜん (by) chance; unexpectedly; suddenly; accident; fortuity
けつぜん decisively; resolutely
けんぜん being clear or manifest
げんぜん grave; solemn
こしょくそうぜん antique-looking; looking hoary with patina
こえいしょうぜん lonely figure
こうぜん open (e.g. secret); public; official
こうぜん triumphant
こうぜん great and prosperous; broadminded
ごうぜん roaring
こつぜん suddenly; unexpectedly
こんぜん harmonious; well-rounded
さくぜん dry; desolate
ざつぜん disorderliness
さんぜん brilliance; radiance
かみくずどうぜん as good as waste paper; mere scrap of paper
しぜん nature; spontaneous
しゃくぜん with sudden awakening; well satisfied with an explanation
じゃくねん lonely; desolate
せきぜん lonely; desolate
しゅうぜん sorrowfully
しゅくぜん silent; quiet; solemn
じゅんぜん pure; utter
せいぜん orderly; regular; well-organized; trim; accurate
ういう そういう such; like that; that sort of; very
うして そうして and; like that
そうそう Oh yes!, I remember
しかし however; but
して そして and
しながら しかしながら nevertheless; however
ぜんと -like
さにあらず not so
さも with gusto; with satisfaction
しかも moreover; furthermore; nevertheless; and yet
もないと さもないと otherwise; else; if not so
いと さもないと otherwise; else; if not so
らずんば しからずんば if not so
ない さりげない nonchalant; unconcerned; in a casual manner
さりげない nonchalant; unconcerned; in a casual manner
さる a particular; a certain
しかる a particular; a certain
るに しかるに however; still; but
るべき しかるべき proper; appropriate; due
しかるべき suitable; proper
さるもの person of no common order
そうこう meanwhile
しかじか such and such
ぜんだく consent; saying yes
さほど not so; not particularly; not that much
さまで so much
らぬ さあらぬていで with a nonchalant air
さよう so; such
ぜんぜん wholly; entirely; completely; not at all (neg. verb)
そうぜん blue; bluish; dim
そうぜん noisy; confused; uproarious
そつぜん suddenly; unexpectedly
たいぜん calm; self-possessed
だいしぜん nature; Mother Nature
たんぜん upright
だんぜん firmly; absolutely; definitely
ちょうしぜん occult; transcendental
ちょうぜん detachment; transcendence
てんねん nature; spontaneity
つれづれ tedium
とぜん tedium
とうぜん naturally; as a matter of course
とうぜん intoxicated (by liquor or music); entranced; enraptured
どうぜん similar to; same; right; proper; just; natural
とつぜん abruptly; suddenly; all at once
ばくぜん obscure; vague; equivocal
はんぜん clear; distinct
ひつぜん inevitable; necessary
ひょうぜん casually; aimlessly; abruptly; unexpectedly
ふしぜん unnatural; artificial; affected; strained
ぶつじょうそうぜん public unrest
ふんぜん anger; indignation; rage
ふんぜん resoluteness
ふんぜん confusion; disorder
へいぜん calm; cool; quiet
ぼうぜん dumbfounded; overcome with surprise; in blank amazement
ぼつぜん suddenly; fit of anger
ほんぜん disposition; nature; natural; inborn; inherent; innate
ほんねん disposition; nature; natural; inborn; inherent; innate
ほんぜん suddenly
まんぜん aimless; in a rambling way
みぜん before it happens; previously
もうぜん fiercely; savagely
もくねん silence; quietness
ゆうぜん welling or bubbling up
ゆうぜん quiet and secluded
ゆうぜん with an air of composure; calmly
りろせいぜん logical
そつぜん suddenly; unexpectedly
りょうぜん obvious
れいぜん indifference; coolness; lukewarmness; cold-heartedness
れきぜん evident
ごうぜん proud; arrogant; haughty
てんぜん calm; peacefulness
しょうぜん dejection
がくぜん astonishment
びんぜん pitiable
りつぜん horror; shudder; trembling
びんぜん pitiable
ぶぜん discouraged; disappointed; astonished
かつぜん the sound of striking something hard
さいぜん distinctive
せつぜん steep
うつぜん dense; thick; gloomy
はいぜん torrential; sprouting up
きゅうぜん spontaneously; with one accord
ぼうぜん absent-mindedly; in a daze
かつぜん spread out; broad; all of a sudden
ひょうぜん casually; aimlessly; abruptly; unexpectedly