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  • on reading:
  • セン
  • kun reading:
  • あら
  • meaning(s):
  • wash, inquire into, probe
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いっせん thoroughly wash away
みたらし font of purifying water placed at the entrance of a shrine
じゅせん be baptized
すいせん flushing
あらいぐま (Euroasian) badger (Meles meles) (sometimes called a raccoon)
い晒し あらいざらし faded from washing
あらいだす to bring to light
げる あらいあげる to finish washing; to wash well; to investigate thoroughly
あらいば washing place
める あらいきよめる to wash clean; to cleanse
あらいすすぎ washing and rinsing; cleaning
あらいはり lay or stretch out to dry
あらいなおす to wash again; to reconsider
あらいがみ freshly washed hair
あらいもの washing
ける あらいわける to separate by washing
あらいこ cleansing powder
とす あらいおとす to wash off; to wash out
あらいたて freshly washed
てる あらいたてる 1. to examine closely; to check up on; to ferret out; 2. to wash carefully
あらいながす to wash away
い浚い あらいざらい everything
あらう to wash
せんがん washing the eyes
せんがんやく eyewash
せんがん face-washing
あらいぐま (Euroasian) badger (Meles meles) (sometimes called a raccoon)
せんざい detergent; washing material
せんしゃ car wash
せんしゃじょう car wash
せんじょう washing; cleaning
せんじょうき washer; syringe
せんそく washing the feet
せんたく washing; laundry
せんたくや laundry; laundromat; launderette
せんたくき washing machine
せんたっき washing machine
せんたくばさみ clothes-pin
せんたくのり laundry starch
せんたくせっけん laundry soap; detergent
せんたくせつけん laundry soap; detergent
せんたくだい laundry charges
せんたくいた washboard
せんたくもの clothes to be washed
せんたくこ detergent
せんたくかご laundry basket
せんのう brainwashing
せんぱつ shampoo
せんまい washed rice
せんめん wash up (one's face); have a wash
せんめんき wash basin
せんめんじょ washroom; bathroom
せんめんだい washbasin; washstand
せんれい baptism
せんれいしき baptismal ceremony; baptism
せんれいめい Christian or baptismal name
せんれん refinement; polish
せんれん polish; refine
せんれん refinement; polish
せんじょう washing; irrigation; cleaning
せんでき washing; irrigation; cleaning
はいせん sink; basin for winecups
ひっせん brush cleaner; brush cleaning; brush washing
ふであらい brush cleaner; brush cleaning; brush washing