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  • on reading:
  • セン
  • kun reading:
  • いくさ   たたかう   おののく   そよぐ   わなな
  • meaning(s):
  • war, battle, match
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オープン オープンせん exhibition game (baseball); open game
ゲリラ ゲリラせん guerrilla warfare
リーグ リーグせん league match
あくせん hard fighting; close contest
いっかいせん first game; first round (of tennis, etc)
いっせん a battle; a game; a bout
えんせん war weariness
えんちょうせん (baseball) extra innings
おうせん accepting a challenge; returning fire
かがくせん chemical warfare
うたがっせん singing matches
かいせん engagement; battle
かいせん match; game
かいせん naval battle
かいせん outbreak of war; starting a war
かいまくせん opening game; (season) opener
まきかえしさくせん rollback operation
かんせん watching a (sports) game
きばせん cavalry battle
ぎせん a crusade; holy war
きゅうせん truce; armistice
きゅうしゅつさくせん rescue mission; evacuation operation
きゅうかいせん regulation game; 9th inning
くせん hard fight; close game
くうせん air battle; dogfight
くうちゅうせん air battle; dog fight
くうていさくせん aerial tactics
けいざいせん economic war
げきせん severe fight
げきせん fierce (hard-fought) battle; hot contest
けっしょうせん finals game of a tournament; decision of a contest
けっせん decisive battle; deciding match; play-off
けっせん bloody battle
げんしせん atomic war
こうはんせん second half
こうせん war; battle; hostilities
こうしきせん regular game; pennant race
こうせん belligerence
こうせん resistance
こうぼうせん battle
こうはくうたがっせん annual singing contest held on New Year's Eve
かっせん battle; engagement
こんせん free-for-all fight
さいせん rematch
さいぜんせん front; first line; spearhead
さくせん military or naval operations; tactics; strategy
さくせん (military) tactics or operations
さんせん participation in a war
してせん large-scale speculative go-around
しがいせん street fighting
じきゅうせん protracted war; war of attrition
じっせん combat; actual fighting
しゅせん advocacy of war
しゅせん a war of defense; a defensive fight; defensive warfare
しゅいこうぼうせん game or series of games between the first and second place teams (baseball)
しゅうせん end of war; cessation of hostilities
しゅうばんせん end of campaign
じゅんけっしょうせん semifinal game of a tournament
じゅんじゅんけっしょうせん quarterfinal game of a tournament
しょせん first match (in a series)
しょせん beginning of hostilities; beginning of competition
ちょせん beginning of hostilities; beginning of competition
じょばんせん early stages (of a game); opening phase
かちいくさ victory
しょうせん sales war
しょうもうせん war of attrition
じょうりくさくせん landing operations
しんりさくせん psychological tactics
しんりせん psychological warfare
しんけいせん war of nerves
みずぎわさくせん shoreline protection or operations
せかいたいせん the World War
せいせん military expedition
せいぶつせん biological warfare
せいせん holy war; crusade
いしがっせん a stone-throwing fight
せっきんせん close combat; close(-quarter) fighting; in-fighting
せっせん close combat; close contest
ゆきがっせん snowball fight
せつじょくせん return match
ぜっせん war of words
せんせん declaration of war
せんでんせん propaganda war
いくさ war; battle; campaign; fight
せんせんきょうきょう trembling with fear
々兢々 せんせんきょうきょう trembling with fear
たたかい battle; fight; struggle; conflict
いの たたかいのにわ battlefield
いを たたかいをいどむ to challenge (a person) to a fight
たたかいぬく to fight to the bitter end
たたかう to fight; to battle; to combat; to struggle against; to wage war; to engage in contest
えば たたかえばすなわちかつ to win every battle (that is fought)
おののく to shake; to shudder
せんい fighting spirit
せんいき war area; battlefield; theater (military)
せんうん war clouds; threat of war
せんか military gains; war results; fruit of battle
せんか war
せんか war damages; ravages of war
せんかん battleship
せんき battle flag
せんき time for battle; military secrets; strategy
せんき military history
せんきょう war situation; progress of a battle
せんきょく the state of the war
せんご postwar period; period after Second World War
せんごおうしゅう post-war Europe
せんごは the postwar generation
せんこう distinguished war service; merit of war
せんごく belligerent country; country in civil war
せんごくじだい the age of civil war
せんさい war damage
せんさいこじ war orphan
せんさいしゃ war victims
せんさいちく war-devastated area
せんし military history or annals
せんし soldier; combatant; warrior
せんし death in action
せんししゃ person killed in action; the war dead
せんじ war time
せんじか in times of war
せんじこうさい war loan
せんじこくさいほう international law in time of war
せんじさんぎょう wartime industry
せんじしょく wartime appearance
せんじたいせい wartime regime; war footing
せんじちゅう during the war
せんしゃ tank (military vehicle)
せんしゃたい tank corps
せんしゃへい tankman
せんしゃようりくかん landing ship (tank); LST
せんじゅつ tactics
せんじゅつか tactician; strategist
せんじゅつかくへいき tactical nuclear weapon
せんじゅつこうくうとうせいはん tactical air control party
せんじゅつこうくうとうせいほんぶ tactical air control center
せんしょう war wound
せんしょう victory; triumph
せんしょうこく victorious nation
せんじょう battlefield; battleground
せんじょうこうくうそし battlefield air interdiction
せんじん battle dust; the tumult of war
せんじん battle array or formation; battlefield
せんせき war or military record; score; military achievements; results
せんせき old battlefield
せんせんきょうきょう trembling with fear
として せんせんきょうきょうとして with fear and trembling
せんせんりつりつ trembling with fear
兢兢 せんせんきょうきょう trembling with fear
兢兢として せんせんきょうきょうとして with fear and trembling
せんせん (war) front
せんぜん pre-war days
せんぜんは the prewar generation
せんそう war
せんそうのとき times of war
せんそうえいが war movie
せんそうご post war; after the war
せんそうじょうたい (enter into, be in) a state of war
せんそうはんざい war crime
せんそうはんざいにん war criminal
せんそうはんざいほうてい war crimes tribunal
せんそうぶんがく war literature
せんそうみぼうじん war widow
せんたい corps; squadron
せんたん opening of hostilities
せんたんをひらく to open hostilities; to take up arms (against)
せんち front (in battle)
せんちゅう during the war
せんちゅうは the war generation
せんとう battle; fight; combat
せんとういん combatant
せんとうき fighter (aircraft)
せんとうぎせいしゃ casualty
せんとうしえん combat support
せんとうしえんけいかく combat support plan
せんとうじんち battle position
せんとうじんちのぜんえん forward edge of the battle area
せんとうしょうめんはば frontage
せんとうぜんしょう combat outpost
せんとうてき militant; aggressive
せんとうでんしせんじょうほう combat electronic warfare intelligence
せんとうばくげきき fighter bomber
せんとうふく (combat) uniform
せんとうぼう field cap (used by Japanese troops in WW II)
せんとうりょく fighting strength
せんぱい defeat in war
せんぱん war criminal (from sensou hanzainin)
せんぴ war expenditures
せんび preparations for war
せんびょうし death from disease contracted at the front
せんぽう tactics; strategy
せんぼつ death in battle; killed in action
せんぼつしゃ persons who have fallen in battle
せんぼつしゃついとうきねんび Memorial Day (US)
せんむ service
せんえき war
せんゆう comrade in arms; war buddy
せんらん wars; disturbances
せんりひん spoils of war; booty
せんりゃく strategy; tactics
せんりゃくか strategist
せんりゃくかくへいき strategic nuclear weapon
せんりゃくくうぐん strategic air force
せんりゃくじょう strategic
パートナーシップ せんりゃくてきパートナーシップ strategic partnership
せんりゃくてきていけい strategic partnership
せんりゃくばくげき strategic bombing
せんりゃくぶっしつ strategic materials
せんりゃくへいき strategic arms
せんりゃくへいきさくげんじょうやく Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)
せんりょく war potential
せんりょくそせい order of battle
せんれき military service; combat experience
せんれつ line of battle
せんりつ shudder; shiver; tremble with fear; horrible; terrible; hair-raising
慄く わななく to tremble; to shiver
歿 せんぼつ killed in action
せんきょせん election campaign
ぜんえいせん skirmish; prefinals (in games)
ぜんくせん skirmish; prefinal (in games)
ぜんしょうせん skirmish; prefinals (in games)
ぜんはんせん first half of the game or match
ぜんぱんせん first half of the game or match
ぜんせん fight a good fight
そうけいせん Waseda-Keio (baseball) game
そうとうせん (baseball) game between Waseda and Tokyo universities
そうめいせん Waseda-Meiji (baseball) game
そうだつせん contest; competition; struggle; argument
そうはせん struggle for supremacy; championship game
たり そうあたりせん round robin event
そうりょくせん all-out war
そうぐうせん encounter
そくじていせん immediate cease-fire
だげきせん game with many hits
たいせん waging war; competition
たいせん great war; great battle
だいいちじせかいたいせん World War I
だいにじせかいたいせん World War II
だいにじたいせん Second World War; WWII
たんきけっせん decisive battle of brief duration
ちゅうばんせん the midst of a campaign
とむらいがっせん battle of revenge
ちょうせん challenge; defiance
ちょうきせん drawn-out (protracted) war or contest
ついげきせん pursuit battle
ていせん armistice; ceasefire
ていきせん regularly-scheduled game (match)
ていりつせん three-way contest
てんせん fighting in numerous battles
でんげきさくせん blitzkrieg tactics
とうしゅせん pitching duel; pitchers' battle
とくせん urging soldiers to fight more vigorously
ないせん civil war
にくだんせん warfare in which soldiers fling themselves at the enemy
ねっせん fierce fighting; close contest
ともえせん dogfight
はいせん defeat; losing a war
はくねつせん furious fighting
はくへいせん hand-to-hand combat
はんせん anti-war
ひっせん war of words
ふせいきせん unconventional warfare
ふせん anti-war; war renunciation
まけいくさ lost battle
ぶりょくせん armed conflict
ふくしゅうせん return match
ふんせん hard fighting
ぼうせん defensive fight (battle)
ぼんせん dull game
めいじんせん professional go (shogi) players' championship series
もぎせん sham battle
やせん night warfare
やせん field (mil)
ゆうしょうけっていせん deciding match (in a competition for a cup (pennant])
ゆうしょうせん championship tournament; finals
ゆうせん brave fight; desperate fight
ゆうげきせん guerrilla warfare; unconventional warfare
ようどうさくせん diversionary tactics
らんせん melee
りくせん land war
りったいせん three-dimensional warfare
りつめいせん Rikkyo-Meiji (baseball) game
りきせん hard fighting
りんせん preparing for action or battle
れいせん cold war
ぜろせん Zero fighter plane
れきせん long military service
れんごうさくせん combined operation
れんせん series of battles
ろんせん verbal dispute
わせん war and peace; peace