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  • on reading:
  • セン
  • kun reading:
  • もっぱ
  • meaning(s):
  • specialty, exclusive, mainly, solely
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こうせん (prewar) college
こくぶんせん major in Japanese literature
じゅうせん housing-loan corporation
もっぱら wholly; solely; entirely
せんいち exclusively; (taking) best care
せんいつ exclusively; (taking) best care
せんおう arbitrariness; despotism; tyranny
せんか specialized course
せんかん exclusive jurisdiction
せんかんすいいき waters under one's jurisdiction; territorial waters
せんぎょう special occupation; principal occupation; specialty; monopoly
せんぎょうしゅふ a housewife
せんぎょうのうか a full-time farmer
せんけつ deciding or acting on one's own
せんけん arbitrary use of power
せんこう major subject; special study
せんこうか non-degree course for graduates
せんこう acting arbitrarily; arbitrary action
せんしゅぼうえい a nonaggressive defense (policy)
せんしゅう specialization
せんしゅうがっこう a (special) vocational school
せんじゅう working exclusively for; working full-time (for)
せんじゅうしゃ full time worker
せんしん undivided attention; concentration
せんせい despotism; autocracy
せんせいくんしゅ absolute monarch; despot; autocrat; tyrant
せんせいせいじ despotic government; autocracy
せんぞく exclusive; attached to; specialist
せんだん arbitrary decision; on one's own authority; arbitrariness
せんにん full-time service
せんにんこうし full-time lecturer; instructor
せんねん absorption; give undivided attention; devote oneself to
せんばい monopoly
せんばいきょく (Japan's) Monopoly Bureau
せんばいとっきょ a patent
せんばいひん monopoly goods
せんむ managing director; special duty; conductor
せんむとりしまりやく (senior) managing director
せんもん speciality; subject of study; expert
せんもんい medical specialist
せんもんか specialization
せんもんか specialist
せんもんかにただす to consult an expert
せんもんかもく special (specialized) subject
せんもんがっこう vocational school
せんもんぎじゅつ expertise; special skills
せんもんきょういく technical training; professional education
せんもんご (specialist) terminology
せんもんざっし technical journal (periodical, magazine)
せんもんしょ a technical book
せんもんしょう book in specialized field
せんもんしょく professional job; profession
せんもんちしき expertise; special knowledge
せんもんてき technical (e.g. discussion); exclusive; professional
せんもんてきちしき expert (technical) knowledge; expertise
せんもんてん specialist shops
せんもんぶんや (one's) (special) field (of study); one's line
せんもんようご a technical term
せんゆう exclusive possession or rights; monopoly
せんゆうけん monopoly; exclusive right (to)
せんよう exclusive use; personal use
せんようかいせん leased line; private circuit; private line
せんようき a personal airplane
せんようしゃ a private or personal car
せんようせん exclusive line
せんようちゅうしゃじょう private parking place