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  • on reading:
  • セン
  • kun reading:
  • める   うらな
  • meaning(s):
  • fortune telling, divine, forecast, occupy, hold, have, get, take
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かせん oligopoly
くちうら gathering from another's words
こっかどくせん state monopoly
うらない fortune telling
うらないし diviner; fortuneteller; soothsayer; palmist
てる うらないあてる to divine
うらなう to forecast; to predict
しむ to occupy; to hold; to command; to account for
めた しめた I've got it; all right; fine
める しめる to comprise; to hold; to occupy
せんきょ occupying a certain place
せんきょ occupation
せんきょち occupied territory
うらやさん a diviner
うらないし diviner; fortuneteller; soothsayer; palmist
うらないしゃ diviner; fortuneteller; soothsayer; palmist
せんしゅ preoccupation
せんしゅけん right of preoccupancy
せんじゅう occupying
うらぶみ diviner's book
せんせいじゅつ astrology
しめじ type of kinoku mushroom
せんぽう divination
せんぼく divination; fortunetelling; soothsaying
せんゆう exclusive possession
せんゆうけん right of exclusive possession
せんゆうりつ (market) share
せんよう exclusive use; personal use
せんりょう occupation; capture; possession; have a room to oneself
せんりょうか occupied (by an army)
せんりょうぐん army of occupation
せんりょうち occupied territory
せんりょうちたい occupied zone
つじうら slip of paper with a fortune-telling message; street fortuneteller
どくせん monopoly
ぼくせん augury