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  • on reading:
  • セイ   ジョウ
  • kun reading:
  • しず-   しずか   しずまる   しずめる
  • meaning(s):
  • quiet
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Stroke Order Diagram
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Stroke Order Diagram


あんせい rest
かんせい quiet (e.g. neighbourhood)
しずか quiet; peaceful
けさ しずけさ stillness; silence; hush; calm; serenity
せいとどう stillness and motion
まり しずまりかえる to fall silent; to become still as death
まる しずまる to quieten down; to calm down; to subside; to die down; to abate; to be suppressed
める しずめる to appease; to suppress; to calm
せいあつひ static pressure ratio
しずおかけん prefecture in the Chuubu area
せいおん serene; tranquility
せいかん watchful waiting; careful supervision
せいざ sitting quietly; meditation
せいし meditation
せいし stillness; repose; standing still
せいしえいせい satellite in geosynchronous orbit
せいしが still image
せいしがほうそう broadcasting of still pictures
せいしきどう geostationary orbit; geosynchronous orbit
せいしじょうたい in) a state of rest
せいしどあつけいすう coefficient of earth pressure at rest
せいじゃく silence
せいしゅく silent
しずごころ placid temperament
せいすいあつ hydrostatic pressure
しずしず quietly; slowly
せいたい static; stationary
せいたいそうけい static statistics
じょうちゅう intravenous injection; IV
せいちょう listening quietly
せいてき static
せいでんき static electricity
せいでんきぼうし anti-static (elec)
せいでんようりょう capacitance; electrostatic capacity
せいぶつ still life; object at rest
せいぶつが still-life picture
じょうみゃく vein
じょうみゃくえん phlebitis
じょうみゃくけつ venous blood
じょうみゃくちゅうしゃ intravenous injection
じょうみゃくりゅう a varix
せいや quiet night
せいよう (convalescent) rest
せいりきがく statics
せいひつ peacefulness; tranquillity
ちんせい stillness; tranquility; dullness
ちんせい calm; quiet; tranquility; appeasement; pacification
どうせい state; condition; movements
へいせい calm; serenity; tranquillity
れいせい calm; composure; coolness; serenity