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  • on reading:
  • セイ
  • kun reading:
  • れる   れ   れ-   らす
  • meaning(s):
  • clear up
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Stroke Order Diagram


いんせい unsettled (fine and cloudy) weather
かいせい good weather
あきばれ clear Autumnal weather
らす はらす to dispel; to clear away; to refresh (oneself)
はれ clear weather
れた はれたそら clear (cloudless) sky
れの はれのひ formal occasion; fine day
れやかな はれやかなえがお beaming smile
れる はれる to be sunny; to clear away; to stop raining
はれま a break (in the rainy season)
姿 はれすがた appearing in one's finest clothes; appearing in one's hour of triumph
がる はれあがる to clear up
はればれ bright; cheerful
れしい はればれしい clear; splendid
はれぎ Sunday best (clothes)
姿 はれぎすがた dressed up (in fine clothes)
はれわたる to clear up; to be refreshed
はれぶたい gala occasion
はれいちじこさめ clear, with brief light rain
せいう (clear or rainy) weather
せいうけい barometer
せいがんしゃ sighted person
はれのちあめ clear then rain
せいこううどく working in the field in fine weather and reading at home in rainy weather; living in quiet retirement dividing time between work and intellectual pursuits
はれぎ Sunday best (clothes)
せいてん fine weather
せいてんつづき spell of fine weather
せいてんらんきりゅう clear-air turbulence
せいどん fine weather and cloudy
せいや clear night
せいらん mountain vapor
せいろう clear; fair; fine; serene
にほんばれ clear Japanese weather