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  • on reading:
  • セイ
  • kun reading:
  • meaning(s):
  • subjugate, attack the rebellious, collect taxes
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えんせい 1. expedition; campaign; (performer's) tour; 2. away series (baseball)
がいせい foreign campaign
さいせい second punitive expedition
しゅっせい departure (for the front)
せいい warring against barbarians
せいいたいしょうぐん commander in chief of the expeditionary force against the barbarians; great, unifying leader
せいい traveling clothes; military uniform
せいせん military expedition
せいと (military or pleasure) expedition
せいとにのぼる to start on a journey; to go on a military expedition
せいとう subjugation; conquest
せいばつ conquest; subjugation; overcoming
せいふく conquest; subjugation; overcoming
せいふくしゃ conqueror
せいふくしゃにしたがう to submit to a conqueror
せいふくよく the lust for conquest
そや used arrow, collected from battlefield
ちょうせい lengthy military expedition; the Long March
とうせい eastern expedition