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  • on reading:
  • ショク   ジキ
  • kun reading:
  • う   らう   べる   
  • meaning(s):
  • eat, food
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あくしょく eating poor food; eating meat; eating repulsive things
あくじき eating poor food; eating meat; eating repulsive things
いしょく food and clothing; livelihood; living
いくじしょく baby food
いちじき one meal (a day)
いっしょく one meal (a day)
いちやこじき a person made homeless by fire
いんしょく food and drink; eating and drinking
うちゅうしょく space food
えじき prey; victim
かしょく living on fruit
かわらこじき unflattering term for actors
かしょく eating cooked food
かしょく overeating
かいしょく dining together; mess
かいしょく marine erosion
かいきげっしょく total eclipse of the moon
かいきしょく total eclipse (of sun by moon); totality
かいきにっしょく total solar eclipse
がいしょく eating out
がっこうきゅうしょく school lunch
あましょく sweet bun
かんしょく eating between meals; snacking
きしょく parasitism; dependency
きないしょく inflight meal
ありくい anteater
きゅうしょく school lunch; providing a meal
ぎゅういんばしょく heavy eating and drinking; gorging and swilling; drinking like a cow and eating like a horse
きょしょく refusing food
きんかんしょく annular eclipse
けいしょく light meal
げいいんばしょく drinking like a fish and eat like a horse; eating mountains of food and drink oceans of liquor
けっしょく missing a meal
げっしょく lunar eclipse
げんえんしょく a low-salt diet
げんしょく diet
こじき beggar; begging
こつじき beggar; begging
こくしょく cereal diet; grain-eating
ざしょく living in idleness
さいしょく vegetable diet
ざっしょく omnivorous
さんしょく three meals (a day)
さんしょく encroachment; invasion; aggression
ししょく sampling food
しっくい mortar; plaster; stucco
じゃくにくきょうしょく The survival of the fittest; the law of the jungle
しゅしょく staple food
じゅくしょく (rare) well-cooked(-boiled) food
しょうしょく one who generally eats little
しょうしょく light eating; spare diet
やきにくていしょく set meal with grilled meat
じょうしょく daily food; regular diet; staple food
いしん くいしんぼう glutton; gourmand
くいいじ gluttony
くいちがい discrepancy; different or conflicting opinions
くいちがう to cross each other; to run counter to; to differ; to clash; to go awry
くいはぐれ missing a meal; losing means to make one's livelihood
れる くいはぐれる to miss a meal; to lose the means to make one's livelihood
ばす くいのばす to keep alive on; to stretch food to make ends meet
がる くいさがる to hang on to; to doff
くいすぎ overeating
くいかけ half-eaten
くいけ appetite
める くいつめる to go broke
くいあらす to wolf down
らす くいあらす to devour; to work at various things; to eat some of everything
くいあう to fit together
わす くいあわす to clench
わせ くいあわせ combination of foods
くいこむ to eat into
くいころす to devour; to bite to death
らす くいちらす to eat untidily; to eat a bit of everything
める くいとめる to check; to hold back
くいぞめ ceremony celebrating a baby's weaning
くいあげ eat it all up
ばす くいのばす to keep alive on; to stretch food to make ends meet
くす くいつくす to consume
くいきる to bite through; to eat up
りない くいたりない not eating enough
くいしろ food expenses
い潰す くいつぶす to run through one's fortune in idleness
くいたおす to bilk; to eat up one's fortune
くいだおれ bringing ruin upon oneself by extravagance in food
くいにげ running away without paying for food; bilk
くいどうらく gourmand; epicure
くいいる to eat into
くいつく to bite at; to nibble; to hold with the teeth
くいぶち cost of one's food
くいもの food; prey; victim
くいほうだい all-you-can-eat
い溜め くいだめ stuff oneself with food
い齧る くいかじる to nibble at; to have a smattering of knowledge
くう to eat
えない くえない shrewd; smart (and wide-awake); cunning; crafty
しょくがほそる to lose one's appetite
しょくがすすむ to have a good appetite
ってかる くってかかる to flare up at
べず たべずぎらい disliking without even tasting
べる たべる to eat
たべよごす to eat messily
たべすぎ overeating
ぎる たべすぎる to overeat
たべかけ half-eaten
けのバナナ たべかけのバナナ half-eaten banana
たべごろ good for eating; ripe enough for eating; in season
らす たべちらす to eat a bit of everything
たべのこし leftover
たべのこす to leave a dish half-eaten
くす たべつくす to eat up
たべざかり growing child's hearty appetite
れないのパン たべきれないほどのパン more bread than one can eat
たべにくい difficult to eat
ける たべつける to be used to eating
たべもの food
える たべものをひかえる to be temperate in eating
たべものや eating place
たべあるき trying the food at various restaurants
たべほうだい all you can eat; smorgasbord
たべかた way of eating; how to eat
べ滓 たべかす leavings of a meal
はみだし jutting out (of bounds); being crowded out
はみだす to be forced out; to jut out (of bounds); be crowded out
はみでる to jut out (of bounds); be crowded out
らい くらいこむ to be sent up; to be imprisoned; to be jailed
らう くらう to eat; to drink; to receive (blow)
らわす くらわす to make s'one eat; to deal (a blow); to play (a trick)
わず くわずぎらい prejudice against (some food); aversion without even trying
しょくをたつ to fast
パン しょくパン plain bread
くいちがい discrepancy; different or conflicting opinions
くいちがう to cross each other; to run counter to; to differ; to clash; to go awry
しょくいく educating children to have a good diet
しょくじ dietary cure
しょくじりょうほう dietary cure
しょくえん table salt
しょくえんすい saline solution
がる くいさがる to hang on to; to doff
しょくかん food texture
しょっかんほう law governing food quality
しょっかん between meals
しょっき tableware
しょっきひとそろい a table service
しょっきだな cupboard; sideboard
いそうろう house guest; (euph.) free-loader
しょっかく house guest; (euph.) free-loader
しょっきゃく house guest; (euph.) free-loader
しょくやすみ rest after a meal
しょっけん meal ticket
しょくげん eat one's words; break one's promises
しょくご after a meal
しょくべに red food coloring
しょっこく etching; engraving
しょくし forefinger; index finger
しょくしがうごく to desire to secure
める くいとめる to check; to hold back
しょくじ meal
しょくじのさいに when eating
しょくじどき mealtime
しょくじつき with meals
はみだし jutting out (of bounds); being crowded out
しょくしょう be fed up
しょくじんしゅ cannibals
しょくじん maximum eclipse; maximum obscuration
しょくせいかつ eating habits
しょくぜん before meals
しょくぜんしゅ aperitif
しょくぜん dining table; a dish (type of food)
しょくたく dining table
しょくたくえん table salt
しょくあたり food poisoning
しょくちゅうどく food poisoning
しょくちゅう insectivore
しょくちゅうしょくぶつ insectivorous plants
しょくつう gourmet
しょくどう cafeteria; dining hall
しょくどうしゃ dining car
しょくどう esophageal
しょくどうらく gourmand; epicure
しょくにく meat (for consumption)
しょくにくしょくぶつ carnivorous plants
しょくにくもく Carnivora
しょくにくるい carnivorous animals (Carnivora)
しょくひ food expense
しょくひをとる to charge for one's meal
しょくひん commodity; foodstuff
しょくひんえいせいほう food hygiene law
しょくひんかこうぎょう food industry
しょくひんこうぎょう food industry
しょくひんてん grocery store
しょくひんてんかぶつ food additive
しょくもつ food; foodstuff
しょくもつせんい dietary fiber; dietary fibre
しょくぶつゆ vegetable oil
しょくもつれんさ food cycle
しょくぶんか dietary (food) culture
しょくよう for use as food; edible
しょくようあぶら cooking oil
しょくよく appetite (for food)
しょくよく appetite (for food)
しょくりょう food
しょくりょうひん foodstuff; groceries
しょくりょうひんしょう grocery store
しょくりょうひんてん grocer; grocery store
しょくりょう provisions; rations
しょくりょうえんじょ food assistance
しょくりょうかんりせいど food control system
しょくりょうかんりほう Staple Food Control Act
しょくりょうじじょう food situation
しょくりょうちょう food agency
しょくりょうはいきゅう food distribution
しょくりょうふそく food shortage
しょくりょうぶそく food shortage
しょくれんせい eclipsing variable
しんしょく infringement; violation
しんしょく bed and food; eating and sleeping
しんしょく erosion; corrosion
すいしょく erosion
せいしょく occultation
せっしょく feeding; feed
せっしょく eating lightly (to save money, food, calories, etc.)
ぜっしょく fasting
そいそしょく simple or frugal life
そしょく simple diet; poor food
そうしょく herbivorous
たしょく one who generally eats a lot
たいしょく corrosion-resistant
だいようしょく substitute food
たいしょく gluttony
だんじき fasting
だんいほうしょく well-fed and well-dressed
ちゅうしょく lunch; midday meal
ちゅうじき lunch; midday meal
ひるげ lunch; midday meal
ちょうしょく breakfast
ていしょく set meal; special (of the day)
としょく idle life; idleness
にしょく two meals (a day)
にじき two meals (a day)
にくしょく meat diet
にっしょく solar eclipse
ひがわりていしょく daily lunch or dinner special
にほんしょく Japanese food; Japanese meal
ばしょく heavy eating
ばいしょく dining with one's superior(s)
ばんしょく eating with a guest; nominal official (a slighting term)
びこうしょく emergency food
びしょく delicious or gourmet food
ふしょく corrosion
ぶぶんしょく partial eclipse
ふうしょく wind erosion
ふくしょく side dish; supplementary food
ふんしょく powdered food
へいしょく food for soldiers and noncommissioned officers
べいしょく rice-based or centered diet
へんしょく unbalanced diet
ほぞんしょく preserved foods
ほしょく predation; eating prey; preying upon
ほうしょく gluttony; satiation; engorgement
ぼういんぼうしょく drinking and eating too much
ぼうしょく surfeit
ぼうしょく protection against corrosion
むいとしょく idling one's time away
むげいたいしょく lacking the talent to do anything but eat
むせんいんしょく leaving a restaurant without paying bill
やしょく supper; night meal
ゆうしょく living in idleness
ゆうしょく dinner
ようしょく Western-style meal
りにゅうしょく baby food
りっしょく stand-up meal; buffet
りゅうどうしょく liquid food (diet)
りゅうしょく eating rice; (cereal) grains
りょうしょく provisions
わしょく Japanese-style meal
ゆうしょく assisting at dinner; dining with a superior
どんしょく voracity; ravenousness