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Ted's Blog

(30 August 2008)

I've been busy but there have been some big changes. I've added:

  • RSS Feeds have been added for levels 1 through 4
  • Stroke Order Diagrams(SODs) and Stroke Order Diagram Animations (SODAs) have been added to the 4 level pages and dictionary pages.
  • Kanji-Mail has been updated to automatically loop when you reach the end of the course
  • Kanji-Mail Level 4 has been reformatted

If you like these changes feel free to make a donation. If you have any comments or recommendations for further improvements please feel free to email me.




(01 April 2008)

It's been a while since I updated and I wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know what's going on. I've been slammed with school lately so I haven't made many changes recently, but progress is still getting made. I purchased a commercial license to aprox. 1500 Stroke Order Diagrams(SODs) and Stroke Order Diagram Animations (SODAs). I'm having someone figure out how they match up to the site's kanji. He's completed level 3 and 4, and is working on level 2 currently. After he's completed this I'll be working on getting them into the results on the site (this should be a small change).

I've also been working on more of the Kanji-Mail as well. I've got a new format that includes the SODs, romaji and other information that's helpfull when studying.

I graduate May 3rd (yay!) so I should have more time and more updates very soon!


(06 February 2008)

Today I'm announcing the launch of Kanji-Mail levels 1, 2 and 3 trials. I'd like to thank those of you on the site mailing list that have been testing and providing feedback to me on these lists since late December.

Here are some links to sign up for these trials:

Kanji-Mail Level 1

Kanji-Mail Level 2

Kanji-Mail Level 3

Additionally, I've made some changes to the future look and functionality in Kanji-Mail. These changes will eventually be made to the older versions of Kanji-Mail. These changes were made based on some things I learned about lean manufacturing and I believe it provides more value to you with a lot less work for me.

I've got a lot planned for the year, but if you have any ideas on site content please feel free to send me an email

I'd like to thank everyone that has made a donation to the site recently. All donations are used to fund new content and development for the site.





(21 August 2007) Site Update Mailing List

Things have been very busy since returning from Tokyo and Seoul. If you'd like to be sent an email when we update the site please sign up on the form below. I'm currently working on the Level 3 Mailing list. I expect to have it completed around September 15th.

*  Your email address:
*  Preferred Format:
*  Enter the security code shown:

If you'd like to see things get done quicker I can get cheap help from a local college, so donate today!



(11 July 2007) Possible Tokyo meetup

I'll be in Tokyo from July 19th to the 24th. I've got some free time and would like to meet with any English speakers who use the site and would like to chat about the site and provide recommendations, tell me what they like etc. If you'd like to meet with me send me an email and I'll post a time/place on the site for everyone else who see's this too late.


(1 July 2007) Announcing the 100 most used Kanji!

I've added a page that has the 100 most frequently used kanji. It was created by analyzing millions of Japanese web pages and seeing how many times particular kanji appeared. All of this work was done by Paul at Po-Ru.com. I've gone through, taken the top 100 and linked them to their pages on Kanji-A-Day.com. You can find it on the left side menu, or by Click here to sign up.

I'm constantly working to improve the site. If you enjoy the website please click here to donate and help make the site better. Your support is appreciated!


(18-June-2007) Announcing Kanji-Mail Beta!

I'm pleased to announce the Kanji-Mail Beta where I'll be working out the kinks on getting kanji delivered to your email inbox every day. Here are some of the benefits:

-Add kanji to your personalized lists with just a few clicks

-Don't have to come to the website every day

-Lists broken down by approximate JLPT level

Email is very tricky, and I've been working hard to make it look and function smoothly, and now I'm ready for some feedback on where it doesn't work and where it does. If you'd like to sign up for the "Level 4" beta course please
click here and follow the instructions.

More to follow soon!

I'm constantly working to improve the site. If you enjoy the website please click here to donate and help make the site better. Your support is appreciated!


(31 MAY 2007)

We've resolved the "More" button issue. The way examples works is as follows: Up to five examples of the kanji will be displayed. If "More" exist at the level the kanji is from, the "More" button is displayed. If you click on the kanji it will show you up to five examples from the dictionary has for the kanji. The "More" button will show you all of the dictionary entries for the kanji. At the top of the page is a place to select just the examples that will be on the JLPT. It's a bit awkward, but it's probably the best for the different needs we have. If you see a kanji and the more button isn't there, you can see more examples by clicking on it .

There was a password issue that should be resolved now as well.

We've raised a grand total of $0 for the quiz module so far, so
click here to help support the site!

(21 May 2007) Good News and Bad News

The bad news is that we've figured out what's wrong with the quizzes. More bad news is that there isn't an easy fix. The quiz software was last updated in 2002, and it doesn't appear that it will work with the new host. We've sent an email to the developer of the script but haven't received a response, so we probably wont.

The good news is that I've found another set of quiz software that should meet our needs, and allow us to do a lot more with quizzes. The script would allow us to integrate pictures, Flash, sound, and movies. The bad news is that it's US $199.

Since purchasing the site in September I've received US$5 in donations. Ads on the site wouldn't pay for the upgrades I've made to it since purchasing it for over 5 years. I'm willing to purchase, install, and remake the quizzes we used to have if I can get $100 in donations. If every regular user of the site donated just $5 we'd easily be able to make this goal. Any donations over this amount will be used for further improvements.To donate click here or on the "Donate" button on the left hand side.

To read more about the script go here

I've disabled the link to the quizzes as you can't get an accurate grade for it and not everyone will read this announcement. :)

We're still working on the "More" Button issue. It should be resolved by Wednesday of this week.

Thanks for your support!

(15 May 2007) Current Site Issues

We're currently investigating several bugs that are hold overs from the move at the beginning of the month. Thanks to everyone who pointed these out to us!

-Kanji Quiz does not return correct score
-More button does not work

We'll post an update once these are resolved. Thanks for your patience and support!

(8 May 2007) Site Improvements List

(8 May 2007) We've changed! Here are some improvements we've made while moving hosts:

Add to My Lists
Updated so that kanji and vocab can be added to your lists at the same time. (Previously it would only add one, not both)

Kanji Lists
Clicking "View All" in the kanji lists should show all kanji that level or lower.
The page number at the bottom of the pages should now bring you to the proper page.
Updated to allow users to see kanji lists for all levels.

Vocab Lists
Updated to allow users to see vocab lists for all levels.

Site Layout and Design
Modified the layout of the site, if you have high resolution on your display the site should have less white space. Pages should also load faster because of the changes.

Javascript Popup
Removed the Javascript popup that was displayed when you clicked on a kanji or vocab word. What used to get displayed in them will now show up in the same window or another window (usually the same window).

Grammar and Spelling Errors
Updated multiple pages with correct grammar and spelling.

Improved Security
Made several backend changes to improve security of site.

Increased time users will stay logged in. Also made cookies persistent after browser has been closed.

Spam Prevention
Added a captcha to reduce number of spam user signups.

Forgot Password
Updated "Forgot Password" page to be available when user isn't logged in. (That's important huh?)

The most important change, which didn't make it to the list, is that this new host allows us increased bandwidth, flexibility and availability of services that will allow the site to grow.

Issues from the move

-Here are problems we had during the move that we believe to be fixed. Let us know if you see a problem that we haven't addressed! Resolved Dictionaries do not return results, or return same results
Resolved Personalized Kanji and Vocab lists do not return lists
Resolved Cannot add Kanji or Vocab to personalized lists
Resolved The More button does not display more compounds
Resolved Some users are not able to login
ResolvedUsers are not able to receive email to reset their passwords-Users should be able to change their password

There will be more changes coming soon, stay tuned!

Improvements to Kanji-A-Day.com are largely supported by user donations. Thank you for your support! Ted